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ZipTorrent Client downloaden ZipTorrentClient_1.3.7.3.exe

Just a couple of days after releasing, we are proud to present ZipTorrent version which contains a number of bug fixes, support for Windows 9x/ME, an upgraded updater module, and last but definitely not least - A search facility to help the users make some order in the pile of torrent links they receive via RSS. Try entering words like 'divx' or 'mp3' or 'games' and watch as results are displayed as you type!

Added a Queuing system that allows the user to specify the maximum number of torrents to download and the maximum number of tasks ( downloads + uploads ) to be run simlutaneously. Controlable via Settings-> Queuing / Seeding
Added an option to stop seeding a torrent when a user specified sharing ratio is reached.
Added an option to Stop torrents ( similar to Pause, but releases all the resources allocated by the torrent task stopped )
New toolbar with lots of colorful buttons :-)
Rewritten the UPnP support, so that it actually works now.
Added support for ICS/ICF ( Win XP internet connection sharing / firewall ) which means that ZipTorrent will automatically register itself as a trusted program and will prevent the firewall from complaining about it.
If ZipTorrent detects that it is not the default BT client, it will politely ask the user whether he wants to make it the default instead of just being rude :)
Added support for Windows XP Visual Styles, meaning ZipTorrent will look much nicer for WinXP users.


Added Experimental UPnP NAT Traversal support ( Feedback will be highly appreciated! )
It is now possible to create torrents using ZipTorrent! ( File -> Create Torrent )
Added a Hot-Key to show/hide the GUI ( Ctrl+Shift+Q by default, can be changed in Settings-> User Interface-> General )

Support for regex search & replace for links from rss feeds, in order to automatically transform links to torrent details pages into direct links to torrents
Added a sortable Time Stamp column to received torrent links
Links' colors change according to their "age" ( Red for new, Black for old )
Fixed a bug with certain RSS feeds failing to download

Added Support for the /away msg
Added a preference that insturcts ZipTorrent not to show the NICK command ( Settings-> IRC/RSS -> Display )
Removed the annoying nick changes to `Idle when idle. Using the /away message instead.
Added buttons in the irc channel window which link to IRC preferences dialogs
Minor bug fixes