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ZipTorrent Client downloaden ZipTorrentClient_1.3.7.3.exe

Added a torrent filter (in the Settings dialog) that allows users to auto download torrents from irc/rss that match user-defined keywords.
Fixed a bug with downloading files from the internet ( rss feeds, torrents, etc. )
Added a new method for removing tasks from transfers (Remove and -> ...)

Added nick auto completion when pressing the TAB key.
Added history of typed messages/commands per channel/private message session.
Added nice formatting for various irc commands ( join, nick, part, quit, whois, etc. )
Added support for the /me command.
Added preferences that instruct ZipTorrent not to show join/part/quit/kick/mode irc messages.
Minor bug fixes of the torrents catcher and message routing
Private message tabs no longer popup when a private message is received (only popup when a dcc transfer is initiated).
User's nick is now highlighted in red when it appears in a message sent to a channel

Added support for CDATA fields in RSS feeds

New "Home" text with better explanations about what ZipTorrent is and does
RSS Feed keeps you up to date with your favorite content providers

Archive button removed for lack of space, it is now in View -> Torrents Archive
Improved downloading of Torrents from URLs
Obscure bug fixed with BitTorrent downloads stopping suddenly for no apparent reason

Improved NAT indication behavior - Once NAT is ok the warning is removed
If an incorrect DCC port was specified, a new one is automatically assigned from the bittorrent range
Improved Idle detection for IRC nick change

A minor release that mostly adds some critically needed features:
New "channels list" sortable by number of people in the room
Various DCC bugs fixed (Specially when behind NAT)
Nick name changed when idle (Around 5 minutes)
New "Uploaded" column added for amount of megabytes uploaded to peers
Fixed a redraw bug with the nickname button in IRC