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eMule 0.46c Webcache 2.0a BETA1
- ported to eMule v0.46c, updated the libraries. Compiled with VS2003 now. Use emule-all.sln if you want to compile.
- deactivated the proxy list updating for now (server-side needs a new hosting, client-side needs a partial recode)
- removed the AICH event logging option
- memleak fixed in CUpDownClient::CreateMFRPacket() (thx@WiZaRd)
- fixed verbose log spamming when an HTTP source was present (thx@leuk_he for reporting)
- the code has been WebCache-tagged more throughfully for easier porting next time, the tag count calculation is easier to maintain now
- updated the WebCache code to the recent PeerCache code
- a few minor changes

eMule WebCache 1.9a Beta3
FIXED: Superlexx: error message when receiving OHCBs for a known file which is not a part file corrected
FIXED: Superlexx: the multi-file-requests now expire after one hour
FIXED: Superlexx: cachesLocal was set wrong when us

eMule WebCache 1.9a Beta2
ADDED: JB/Superlexx: trustLevel, the percentage of successful OHCB requests a client must reach to be trusted after we tried to download 50 of his OHCBs; called webcacheTrustLevel in preferences.ini. Default is 30%, the setting is updated from our webcache database when automatic updating is enabled
ADDED: Superlexx: a client that is requesting OHCBs for a file is automatically added as a source

CHANGED: Superlexx: COtN (cache only the need) disabled for this build because of a bug that prevents clients from creating proxy sources

FIXED: JP/Superlexx: several bugfixes, thx to our testers


eMule WebCache 1.9a Beta1
ADDED: JP: per-file WebCache transfer statistics; show WebCache version in the splash screen, log and window title; the client counter in the download window now says "Webcache capable"
ADDED: JP/Superlexx: CotN: WebCache download success rate is now taken into account when deciding whether to download via proxy; e.g. if 1/3 of WC-downloads fails, then there must be at least 3 potential OHCB recipients to load the data via webcache
ADDED: Superlexx: MFR = multiple file request, now a client can request multiple files at a time, one of which is handled in usual way and the others are taken into account when deciding to download via proxy and sending OHCBs
ADDED: Superlexx: OHCB manager: saves OHCBs in a list and sends them in multi-OHCB packets (large packets are compressed)
ADDED: Superlexx: XPress-OHCBs: when a block is downloaded via webcache, 10 OHCBs are sent immediately to make sure that the block isn't deleted too fast from the proxy
ADDED: Superlexx/Brunni: new proxy auto-detector, server-side: database-driven proxy list allows easier proxy submission checks and proxy list updating. Information in your submissions will be available to other clients much sooner.
ADDED: Superlexx: new proxy auto-detector, client-side: using XML data format instead of CVS; if no proxy has been found in the local XML file, eMule tries to look for the proxy in our online proxy database. Wildcards in host name masks are supported now. The "detected proxy" dialog has been cleaned up to not confuse users by the advanced options.

FIXED: JP: no proxy configuration test is run when connection limit is reached to avoid false negatives
FIXED: JP: the proxy client now shows as downloading "from proxy" and not "via proxy"
FIXED: JP: the WebCache client counter in the download window now also counts the A4AF clients
FIXED: Superlexx: DFA = disconnect fix attempt: this should reduce the number of disconnects significantly
FIXED: Superlexx: IFS: if a client asks for a file without a complete chunk, he will not be enqueued anymore
FIXED: Superlexx: check that the file hash requested per HTTP matches that of the originally requested file
FIXED: removed the email proxy submission link in the settings window since it doesn't work anymore; use the web form instead
FIXED: disabled seinding OHCBs per UDP to clients without configured UDP port

eMule WebCache 1.2f
Yonatan added: Webcache-protocol
JP fixed: detect webcache on first start
JP added: prevent fake highID clients from using the proxy-test (was causing false negative detections)
JP added: option to turn off AICH Debug Log messages
JP added: Webcache statistics in Client detail dialogue
JP added: Webcache statistics in file detail dialogue
JP added: detect "Proxy-Connection: close" headers
JP added: simple fake highID detection (important for webcache configuration test) - from Netfinity
JP/Superlexx fixed: WebCache-Release
Yonatan added: send Stop-sending-OHCBs if client isn't trusted any more
Superlexx fixed: Transparent Proxy Support (hopefully, not tested yet but can't make the problem worse)

eMule WebCache 1.2e
JP added: test proxy-configuration for non-transparent proxies
(only works when connected to a server, with high-ID and valid public IP)
JP added: code to disable webcache-downloads for the rest of the session
(used when changing proxy-configuration and the Detect non-caching-proxies code)
JP added: Detect non-caching proxies
(if we requested 100 blocks from the proxy and none of them was successfully downlaoded, pop up a messagebox and disable proxy-downloads for the rest of the session)
JP added: Gnaddelwarz' code for displaying proxy sources differently when extended controls are activated
JP added: Webcache Release:
-boost webcache-clients if uploads to them are likely to result in 3 or more proxy-downloads
-can only be activated for complete files and if all downloads are stopped
-is automatically deactivated if a stopped file is resumed.
JP/Yonatan added: OnConnect() function for webcacheDownSockets, should help with proxy-connections that can't be established.

WebCache 1.2d
JP changed: lowered trusted OHCB sender requirements slightly
0- 10 blocks received: always trust
10- 50 blocks received: trust if more than 10% successfull
50-100 blocks received: trust if more than 20% successfull
100+ blocks received: trust if more than 30% successfull
JP added: better logging code (you can now toggle logging of webcacheevents on and off in extended settings)
JP added: webcache column in OnQueue window
JP changed: the way the number of blocks downloaded during one connection is counted
JP fixed: only download via proxy if the uploader uses a port that is usually cached by proxies
JP changed: blocks are chosen from the queue so that persistant connections are preferred
Yonatan added: 'Connection: close' headers are now handled correctly (this will hopefully enable most people to activate persistent connections and will hopefully solve some remaining stalled proxy downloads)
Yonatan/JP changed: webcache downsockets will time out even if they are not connected. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, please contact us if you ever see this message in your verbose log.
Yonatan added: Error message popup if proxy address can't be resolved

WebCache 1.2c - Hotfix
JP fixed: UDP bug

WebCache 1.2b - Hotfix
JP fixed: accurate ProxyConnectionCount
JP changed: IsTrustedOHCBSender()
yonatan fixed: removed IsAnyWebCacheSocketConnected() - proxy stall bugfix
yonatan fixed: removed 'Connection: keep-alive' from HTTP request (RFC2068), another possible reason for proxy stalls
yonatan Rolled-back: HTTP 'Expires:' header to 'Mon, 03 Sep 2007 01:23:45 GMT' like in 1.1b code (just in case..)

WebCache 1.2
all: ported to emule0.44b
all: added unicode support
Superlexx fixed: Immediate file publishing IFP
Yonatan added: send/receive OHCBs via UDP
Yonatan added: only accpet OHCBs from trusted sources (DDoS-safety feature)
Yonatan added: Persistant connections for proxy downloads
Yonatan changed: don't establish a new connection for sending OHCBs
JP added: email proxy submission link in WebcacheSettings Dialogue
JP added: sorting by mod version
JP added: Throttle OHCB-production if more OHCBs are received than can be downloaded
JP added: Webcache column in download window (displays number of webcache enabled clients, percent of webcache enabled clients and name of the webcache each client uses)
JP added: Netfinity downloadthrottler + webcache tweaks
JP added: accept proxy sources for paused files (we are not accepting proxy sources for stopped files though)
JP added: toggle advanced settings in webcachesettings-dialogue
JP added: GUI for persistant connections for proxy downloads
JP changed: webcache autodetection to include persistant connections for proxy downloads
JP changed: better handling of proxy-downloads when pausing/stopping/resuming/canceling files
JP changed: SINGLEProxyClient is never deleted
JP fixed: stalled proxy downloads on error or when file was stopped

WebCache 1.1b Beta
ADDED: no double reask interval when the NNP source is webcache-enabled [Superlexx]
CHANGED: chunks that are more than 80% complete will not be throttled [jp]
CHANGED: chunk throttler: added timestamps to the throtteled chunks, throttle timeout set to 10 minutes [jp]
FIXED: the proxy client should not stall anymore on disconnect or socket timeout [Superlexx]
FIXED: switching from non-cached to cached transfer caused a disconnect [Superlexx]
FIXED: when connecting to an unknown client who knows us, our webcache infos and the master key were not transmitted, causing disconnects [Superlexx]

WebCache 1.1 Beta
this version uses a new protocol and is not backward compatible to the earlier versions (will not recognize each other as webcache-enabled mods)
ADDED: both file hash and data sent through the proxy are encrypted, now proxy owners cannot know what data is being sent through proxies without sniffing on the clients internet connection. But they still can identify it as eMule-traffic. [Superlexx]
ADDED: statistics, webcache icon in the download list [jp]
ADDED: Chunks for which we are receiving proxy-sources will have a lower download priority [jp]
ADDED: Webcache will be autodetected on first start [jp]
ADDED: transparent proxy support (no autodetection yet), experimental (tagged TPS), set proxy to transparent@<your ISP> to test it [Superlexx]
Note that to reward people for using port 80 as their eMule TCP port they become a 1.2x upload queue boost on webcache-enabled clients who are using transparent proxies and have webcached downloading turned on (TODO: verify that those clients do really support webcache or remove the boost in case verification is impossible)
ADDED: files are published to the server/Kad as soon as the hash set is received and file size is more than one chunk, experimental (tagged IFP) [Superlexx]
ADDED: NNP clients are added to source exchange packets if both remote clients support webcached transfer, even on files smaller than a chunk [Superlexx]
ADDED: webcache-enabled clients will not be kicked from the download queue [Superlexx]
ADDED: cache only the need (tagged COtN): do not cache data if there is no client that would want to load it from the cache afterwards, experimental [Superlexx]
CHANGED: the autodetector has been re-coded to support additional webcache options, comments in the database file and more flexible limiting of reverse DNS lookups [Superlexx]
CHANGED: reverse DNS backup results are re-used in both PeerCacheFinder and webcache autodetection [Superlexx]
CHANGED: added the new options to the GUI, placed a link to the website where users can submit their proxies [jp]
CHANGED: webcache eMule URL identifier changed from "ed2kdata" to "encryptedData" [Superlexx]
CHANGED: changed protocol to send webcache-specific informations to webcache-enabled clients only [Superlexx]
FIXED: the proxy queue should not stop downloading blocks upon receiving an error message from the proxy [yonatan]
FIXED: better LowID support, but still problematic
FIXED: Misc bugfixes

WebCache 1.03 Beta
Fixed a bug from 1.02 (the 'Expires:' header was to far into the future)

WebCache 1.02 Beta
Added more meaningful info in the status columns of the up/download lists
Some more experiments with http sockets, trying to get rid of the disconnect bug

WebCache 1.01 Beta
Added limit on max number of open connections to proxy
Moved WebCacheId to Pragma header
Implemented a primitive cached-block queue

WebCache 1.00 Beta
Moved to 0.43b code
Superlexx: added proxy autodetection

WebCacheTest 00.06y
More bugfixes and better logging

WebCacheTest 00.05y
Error message for bad proxy address
jp: GUI for webcacheName/Port
jp: Bugfix: send OP_HTTPCACHEDBLOCKs to unconnected clients.
Improved verbose log
Bugfix: now able to cope with error messages from proxy server (like '504 Gateway Timeout')



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