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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

New Features:

Core | Manual peer upload blocking (when seeding) and kick-banning
Core | Control added to not cache small files (default no cache for < 1MB)
Core | Ability to cancel torrent creation processes added
Core | Ability to cancel sharing process added
Core | Ability to pass multiple torrents to Azureus.exe
Core | Added configuration items for tracker processing limits
Core | Option to open torrent for seeding in create-torrent Wizard
Core | Auto-rescan of shared resources + addition/deletion of shares accordingly
Core | Persistence of download and tracker stats for shares
Core | Advanced network settings: MTU, SO_RCVBUF, SO_SNDBUF, IPTOS
Core | Optimistic Connect: drop inactive connections in order to find better ones
Core | Added ability to apply updates and shutdown Azureus instead of restarting
Core | Can now specify that password protected tracker web is only available via HTTPS, HTTP access -> access denied
Core | Can now specify comment to be added to share torrents
Core | resume data no longer saved to torrent files, stored in %user-dir%/active instead
Core | Plugin support for installing and uninstaling plugins
Core | Category support for shares
Core | Apply updates and defer applicaton to later restart/close
UI | Added 'share' support to console UI
UI | Option to show confirmation dialog on torrent Removal
UI | Added Seed2PeerRatio item to MyTorrents view
UI | Added detailed connection State to peers view
UI | Added Connected Time item to peers view
UI | Option to add torrent downloads silently (without activating main Azureus window)
UI | Added download speed limit column to MyTorrents
UI | Telnet UI added
UI | Auto-open stats option added
UI | Plugin install/uninstall wizards
UI | Double click on status bar progress area to give details of update/install/uninstall progress
UI | SWT/Console share support for setting category
UI | Pick out links (anything prefixed with "http") in torrent comments in general view
Plug | Status mailer support for SMTP port, user + password
Plug | Status mailer support for plain text notifications

Core | Support azureus.install.path parameter, used by new linux launcher script
Core | Moved config items for tracker client overrides + UDP to tracker client config
Core | Also do dynamic tracker re-announce interval overrides when seeding; uses peer count only
Core | NAT check url changed to aelitis server
Core | Reduce tracker re-announce frequency when incoming connections are accepted (unfirewalled)
Core | Remove old auto-migration code
Core | Update restart logic now preserves JVM max mem setting for Sun JVMs
Core | Cleanup and optimize choke-unchoke logic
Core | Added an option to enable the prioritization of most completed Files, default is off
Core | Default http tracker to disabled
UI | Create torrent wizard now initially defaults torrent save path from "save to" default
UI | Obey "start stopped" config item for dropped torrents
UI | Torrents no longer need to be stopped before removal is allowed
UI | Graphical view item refresh optimizations
UI | Change context menu selection for queue/stop/force-start/recheck to be "at least one can be..." rather than "all can be..."
UI | More pre-defined speed ranges for queue slot limits
UI | Improve wording of "delete torrent?" prompt
Plug | UPnP information messages now off by default
Corrected bugs:

Core | Fix for kernel panics under MacOSX
Core | Handle passing of torrents to already running but not fully initialised process better
Core | Default save dir was defaulting to ON, changed to OFF
Core | Tidied up UPnP error handing if action missing
Core | Scrape mult-tracker torrents correctly when download not running
Core | Upload/download/share ratio frig for newly added seeds made consistent
Core | Fix for stalls from system clock being set backwards in time
Core | Fixed up bad behaviour on out-of-disk-space falures
Core | Fixed torrents getting stuck in READY state
Core | Fix potential connection establishment backlog
Core | Fix potential DOS by timing out stalled connections
Core | Fix bug in re-announce interval override calculation when connection limit has been reached
Core | Fix for hangs when scraping due to slow DNS resolves
Core | Fix for UPnP failing if trailing spaces in 'action name'
Core | Fixed bug in choke/unchoke logic when number of connected peers < max upload slots
Core | Updater problems with non-ascii chars in user dir (again!)
Core | Created torrents had name.utf-8 tag in wrong place
Core | UDP scrape responses being handled incorrectly
Core | Fixed the "high priority" piece-picking for files
UI | Old language files in user dir causing !missing! item texts
UI | Fix for window state not being remembered between sessions
UI | Fix for messages window being closed while animated
UI | Fix for BUG 1059432 : Download bars spawning multiple times when set to auto open
UI | Fix for BUG 1061538 : /0 error if no pieces
UI | Fix create-torrent wizard to remember paths properly
UI | Fixed up opening of torrent files not ending in ".tor" or ".torrent"
UI | Fix Health icons sometimes not refreshing
UI | Fix bug with Azureus crashing when quitting on OSX if the Stats view has been opened
UI | Fix the fuzzy Azureus icon bug under OSX
UI | IPFilter config view slow to display when thousands of ranges are set
UI | Fixed bug 1081886 : stats graphics can now be 2000 pixels wide, instead of only 1600 before
Plug | UPnP plugin support for multi-homed machines improved

New Features:

Core | Disk cache
Core | Ability to set IP type-of-service (TOS) field for outbound data
Core | Show current upload and download limits in status area
Core | Locale selection - options to add in all defined encodings + show lax list
Core | Change the incoming data port without restarting
Core | Display "warning message" responses in announce replies
Core | Added option for tracker to perform a connectability check to peers
Core | Have message aggregation, for bandwidth savings/efficiency
Core | Torrent HTTP urls now accepted as program command line parameter
Core | Option added to disable system tray
Core | Concurrent hashing for >1 CPU
Core | Added ability to not outward connect to a defined set of port numbers
Core | SOCKS V4, V4a and V5 (no auth/user+password methods) support for outgoing data connections
Core | Torrents created by Azureus now include .utf-8 fields
Core | Dynamic piece request queue scaling
Core | Added torrent name to authentication dialog
Core | Per-torrent upload speed limits
Core | Ability to change the sound played on torrent completion added
Core | Added session uptime to stats
UI | 'Download' menu added with start/stop all + pause/resume options
UI | Table col sort order default option added, thanks to Charnobo!
UI | URL Downloader window now support to set-up referrer and saves last used referrers
UI | New Statistic page about the disk cache (yeah more CPU consuming graphs)
UI | Down/Up speed indicators in main view are now double-clickable to open the Stats View
UI | Added Path and # Remaining Pieces to Files view, Tracker Name to MyTorrents view
Plug | webui support for torrent encoding choice
Plug | Tracker torrent stats available via xml/http interface

Core | Show time to re-announce/scrape in general view using hh::mm::ss
Core | Timeout tracker server operations
Core | Torrent opener will now report errors opening torrents better
Core | Complete core networking/messaging rewrite
Core | Stop scrape on UDP V2 torrents when download running
Core | Refactor of DiskManager
Core | Protocol tweaking for significantly reduced discard rates
Core | Tracker now treats port value of 0 as 'explicitly firewalled'
Core | Tracker client will revert to "initialised" state after explicit failure from tracker
Core | Locale selection changed to show more possible encodings
Core | XML stats - downloads ordered by downloading/index then seeding/index
Core | Reworked connection establishment to conform to new WinXP SP2 limits
Core | When restarting torrents are checked in smallest->largest size
Core | Reworked the piece picking so that slow peers don't "block" pieces to be completed
Core | JAR signing for webui (etc) now based on "tools.jar" from Sun JDK due to changes with their 1.5 JRE
Core | "Pause" command now greyed out if there is nothing to pause
Core | Create-torrent wizard now remembers comment data on back button + defaults for open/save dirs
Core | Reduced memory used of ipfilter list to help support large list sizes
Core | Added "*.*" to list of selectable file types in open-torrent dialogs
UI | Added a legend to the Pieces View
UI | Pieces View now display if the blocks are in the cache or not
UI | New Tools menu, Configuration --> Options, Plugins root menu, Language selection moved to config
Plug | UPnP plugin now only uses plugin interfaces
Plug | Differentiate UDP and TCP mappings in UPnP desc as some routers need this
Plug | UpdateLanguagePlugin removed, as no longer maintained
Corrected bugs:

Core | Throw an error message if existing data file length is too large
Core | Fix new bug with tracker announce every 10s when no peers were connected
Core | Fix for renaming files across volumes
Core | Torrent auto-import now works with console UI
Core | Bug when setting upload to unlimited (forced download to unlimited too)
Core | Set downloaded amount correctly when opening a torrent with existing download data
Core | Detect changed file sizes (smaller) when resuming torrents
Core | Random shuffling of multi-tracker torrent URLs fixed
Core | Fix occasional 60sec delay on initial tracker announce
Core | Fix for reading piece data from a too-long file
Core | Stop scraping all announce URLs in a torrent when removing torrent
Core | File handle closing
UI | Labels with '&' displaying incorrectly
UI | Torrent Downloader Window : retry button now placed correctly
UI | Fix for clicking the plugins directory and open the folder from the Configuration>Plugins view
UI | Fix for animated message windows not being at the right place on dual monitors.
Plug | Netgear WGT624 was crashing when processing UPnP requests
Plug | Webui 'view' mode wasn't working
Plug | Webui - excessively long status text messing up table
Plug | azplugins - web tracker pages wasn't picking up "show details" option
Plug | webui - fixed bug with re-ordering of columns

New Features:

Core | Show built-in plugins in config view
Core | Fallback encoding for torrents (a-zA-Z0-9 type encoding with hex chars for others)
Core | Numbers now localized to selected language
Core | More "polite" hash checking...doesn't stress the cpu/system as much
Core | Tracker seed retention limit added to limit tracker memory on torrents with high seed counts
Core | Show Bad ips/banned ips in ipfilter window + allow clear/reset
Core | Option to start torrents in a stopped state
Core | Torrent removal rules. Initially to handle unauthorised torrents + AZ update torrents
Dev | More features for torrent creation
UI | New peer columns to help track leechers
Plug | Experimental data upload facility for tracker web pages
Plug | WebUI support for "host" operation
Plug | Run the web interface standalone (outside of a browser)
Plug | Option to keep hold of UPnP port mappings when closing Azureus

Core | More sensible merging of on plugin update
Core | Retuned tracker connect failure retry interval
Core | Torrents downloaded by URL now named after torrent if not already .torrent
Core | Performance of ipfilter checking improved
Plug | Green colour used on tracker web pages now more legible
Corrected bugs:

Core | 99.X% / continuous hash fails fix
Core | Basic plugin config model parameters not working in non-swt (e.g. console) mode
Core | Fix for 'completed' announce event not being sent on occasion
Core | Fix for occassional missing of resume data write -> recheck on start up
Core | Bad peers not being detected on hashfail if they contributed all blocks
Core | Better handling of "auto import" + default torrent save dir being the same
Core | Strip resume data on open of new torrent
UI | Fix bug where failed-hashcheck pieces never reappeared in Pieces view
Plug | Web UI authentication for torrent download not working with default port URLs