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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

Core | Improved payload data vs. protocol overhead byte accounting
Core | Remove option to truncate files when setting to do-not-download as too many users confused by this
Core | Pick up alerts raised during closedown and give user chance to see them
Core | Improved optimistic disconnect algorithm in several ways - should speed up single seed torrents
Core | Only remove temp files created by Azureus in the "tmp" dir as some users placing files in there
Core | Resumed downloads now placed into queued state rather than started
Core | Improved magnet download potential
Plug | Added vendor id to DHT packets and increased version appropriately
Plug | Warn if UPnP port removal is slow as this can hang AZ closedown
UI | Add NAT Test item to OSX "Azureus" menu
UI | Filter-as-you-type is now more visible
UI | "Show In Explorer" on a Folder now opens to show what's in the folder
UI | Mr. Slidey formats URLs to clickable links
UI | Language Selection on first visible screen after initial installation
UI | Reduced the # of windows popping up at once on first run after installation

Core | Clearer firewalled/NAT status reporting
Core | Do not open the wiki NAT problem page if firewall status is OK
Core | Disk manager threads - limited pool now serves all disk read/write requests
Core | Single thread now serves torrent piece picking etc (was one per download)
Core | Persistent IP bans now have limited lifetime
Core | Reworked compact storage type to support migration of formats
Core | Less requirements to pause downloads when changing file priorities
Core | Only one torrent can now be checking at a time
Core | DHT size estimation improved
Core | Default listen port number now randomized for new installs
Core | Interrupted "seeding+checking" files now rechecked on startup
UI | Seeding+checking completeness now shown in status
UI | Faster filling of tables (Mac/some Linux)
UI | Opening torrents changed to use one opener dialog (w/options to change destination filenames, disable files, etc)
UI | Find-As-You-Type in 'My Torrents' changed to Filter-As-You-Type. Ctrl-BS to clear filter.

New Features:
Core | Built in tracker support for multiple listen ports
Core | Tracker support for multi-hash scrapes
Core | "Date added" field added for hosted torrents
Core | Alternate max upload rate limit when only seeding option
Core | Ability to move a download's data files and torrent added
Core | Added ability to turn off DHT originated IP Filter violation logs
Core | When a peer is banned remove any data downloaded from it in partially complete pieces
Core | Added "block banning" feature when multiple bad peers found with "close" IPs
Core | Support for platform-specific plugin update components
Core | Support for .torrent file download using just infohash hex string (via DHT magnet lookup mechanism)
Core | Added some control over initial share ratio for "add for seeding" downloads
Core | Added feature to allow disabling of multi-hash tracker scrapes
Core | Tracker connections respect bind-ip settings (http only)
Core | Banned ips persisted across restart
Core | Ability to add an alternative max-torrent-limit when seeding
Core | DHT NAT punching for firewalled peers
Core | Ability to rename and redirect files within a torrent
Core | Compact storage for "do not download" files
Core | Magnet URI protocol registration under windows
Plug | UPnP plugin will warn if it discovers a router that has known protocol problems
Plug | Magnet URI accessor method added to Torrent
Plug | Added "launchable plugins" that can be used to start Azureus
Plug | Added single-instance management function
Plug | Made some platform-specific functions available to plugins
Plug | Ability to add Swing based interfaces as plugin views
UI | Console UI support for viewing specific plugin logs
UI | Beginner configuration user mode provides a simplified interface
UI | Support for --closedown parameter to org.gudy.azureus2.ui.swt.Main to closedown an existing AZ instance
UI | Added Average Peer Completion percentage column to MyTorrents view and Details view
UI | Added NAT status icon to status area
UI | Indicate potential DHT port problems in SWT status area
UI | Added swarm average to activity view plus a legend
UI | Console support for listing shares improved, deleting of shares added

Core | Countermeasures against swarm DOS/poisoning
Core | Health status for swarms where all known peers are connected now reported as OK
Core | Friendly hash-checking option now only applied during recheck operations and delay based on piece size
Core | Don't automatically remove directory contents shares if they (appear to) have been deleted
Core | Improved algorithm for detecting DHT port reachability
Core | DHT - removed cache-distance metrics and added value versions to handle value evolution correctly
Core | Reduced thread count by aggregating async listener dispatchers
Core | Major refactoring of Download and Disk managers
Core | Download totals don't include hash fails and discards and aren't included in share-ratio calculation
Core | "Max simultaneous outbound connection attempts" option no longer accepts zero as a disable value
Core | Under OSX, new bundle launches using the Java Preferences application configured JVM, enabling JRE 5.0 support
Core | Under Windows, now runs via a launcher built by exe4j - taskmanager process is now "Azureus.exe"
Plug | Major refactoring of plugin interface to separate out UI-level and core-level stuff
UI | Update to the latest release SWT library (3.1.1)
Corrected bugs:

Core | Fix interested flag being set sometimes when seeding
Core | Wrong file name returned for stopped simple torrents
Core | Seeder/leecher counts missing for published torrents
Core | Stats going negative for hosted torrent average up/down
Core | Fix piece request ignore bug
Core | Fixed DHT initialisation hang if port already in use
Core | Don't allow prohibited peer sources to be enabled (ui artifact only)
Core | Fixed too many socket selectors created when in safe selector mode
Core | Fixed re-announce interval when receiving "failure reason" error response from tracker
Core | Fixed and improved restarts under OSX (and linux)
Core | Fixed and improved one-to-one LAN transfer speeds
Plug | UPnP fix for picking up changed network interfaces
UI | Fixed 100% CPU problem with download bars
UI | Fixed UI foregrounding itself on every unverified localhost:6880 socket connection attempt
UI | Create-torrent wizard fix for multi-torrent checkbox enabling error