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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

New Features:

Core | Health items now show if a torrent is being shared/published
Core | Creation of self-signed certificates for SSL (etc) via UI
Core | Set download speed per torrent
Dev | ToolTip access functions for table cells
Plug | Tracker plugin supports simple category view
Plug | Webui support for password protected trackers
Plug | Webui attempts to get access to system clipboard to fix copy/paste issues
Plug | Plugin interface extensions for basic plugin config
Plug | External authorisation framework
Plug | WebUI + XML/HTTP i/f now have separately configurable username/password via Plugin config (*not*
Plug | WebUI can now use signed jars, if configured, so that clipboard access doesn't require local config
UI | Better scrape result reporting, including new "Next Tracker Access" column
UI | Tooltip for Health Icon
UI | New language: Japanese

Core | Core update checker now uses server to grab latest version instead of SF's one
Core | Default socket write buffer now a more conservative 1460 bytes for smoother uploading
Core | Central control of global outgoing peer connection rates...i.e. a better SlowConnect
Core | Unused potential peer connections are cached for later use
Core | Tracker now doesn't return peer list on "stopped" event
Plug | Tracker web plugin configuration moved to plugin config from core config
Plug | Tracker web contexts now have the option to not apply IP Filters - this affects the web plugin and xml/http interface
UI | About Window is closeable by hitting the 'ESC' key
Corrected bugs:

Core | Fix for Library Paths using single quotes
Core | Fixed shared plugin dir location on OSX
Core | File Open dialogs now correctly remember their last path
Core | Plugin loader picking up .zip files instead of corresponding .jar files
Core | Don't delete the imported .torrent file if the import dir happens to also be the Save torrent dir
Core | Torrents leave READY state quicker after other torrents are re-queued
Core | Fix for Fast Resume not working when a 0-byte file exists in the torrent
Core | Show error message if previously-allocated data cannot be found, instead of re-creating it
Core | Force a file handle recycle every 50M read so the OS cache clears (Win2k, possibly other OSes)
Core | Tracker stats wrong
Core | Not deleting backup torrents (.bak) when MyTorrent->remove + delete
UI | # Column now on by default again
UI | Fix for Bug #966867: Context Menu not appearing after setting up columns on Linux
UI | IP column now sorts by hex groups
UI | Fix for .torrent icons with new Azureus.exe
UI | Fix for text color on some Table cells not moving when row moved
UI | Moving torrent from Uncategorized category to new category now removes the row from the display
UI | Fix for empty table rows appearing in Peers Details tab and Pieces tab
UI | Windows : Tray Icon should come back after explorer crash (needs latest SWT build)
UI | 192 bytes memory leak fixed on OSX

New Features:

Core | Ability to limit global download speed
Core | Added ability to automatically exclude files when making torrents (e.g. .DS_Store & Thumbs.db)
Core | Caching of peer info to disk for quick restarts if tracker is unavailable
Core | Detection of plugin updates
Core | HTTP scrapes to same tracker combined into one request if tracker supports it
Core | Support for scraping trackers like that scrape with /scrape but don't have "announce" in announce URL
Core | Tracker connections proxy support (peer connections not supported yet)
Core | UDP authentication protocol added
Core | UDP tracker version 2 support added
Core | Generic update mechanisms for core, updater and swt
Core | Support for loading user-specific plugins from user dir and shared ones from app dir
Dev | Column management for any of Azureus' table views.
Dev | Easy to use "basic plugin view": see PluginInterface::getUIManager::getBasicPluginViewModel
UI | Ability to upload torrents with xml/http interface
UI | All columns sortable and configurable
UI | Added "Remaining", "DLing For" (time) and "Seeding For" (time) columns to "My Torrents"
UI | Added option to auto-update language file from web (Config -> Interface -> Language)
UI | Added option to show transfer rates in bits/sec
UI | In the Details view, the peer's pieces that we already have are shown in a faded color
UI | Linux system tray support
UI | MyTracker row right-click support for copying torrent URL to clipboard
UI | Right-click menu sorting of columns (Sorting for OSX)
UI | Send text in My Torrents to clipboard
UI | When torrent data is missing, you can change directory via the context menu
UI | OSX : About and Preferences items are listed under 'Azureus' menu
UI | Added an option not to use units bigger than MB
UI | Option to show peer host names instead of IP address
UI | Embedded tracker IP blocks shown in Blocked IPs List
WebUI| Web Plugin now can set upload rate
WebUI| Web Plugin support for uploading torrents
WebUI| Webui + xml/http "access" property support for IP range
WebUI| Webui + xml/http plugins have had basic plugin view added

IRC and Tracker Web Pages moved to separate plugin
Core | Auto-imported .torrent files are moved (not copied) to default .torrent save dir if enabled
Core | Auto-imported .torrent files are renamed *.imported if default .torrent save dir is not enabled
Core | Can set per-torrent and global peer connection limits
Core | Config/pref/torrent file saving uses intermediate .saving file for more reliability
Core | Currently-connected peer connections are dropped when IPFilter is enabled
Core | File descriptor handles increased from default of 256 to 8192 under OSX
Core | Ignore Share Ratio can now be non-integer
Core | New SHA-1 hasher: up to 25% faster
Core | Scrape interval now based on # of seeds (15min minimum)
Core | Socket writes now done in full MSS-sized chunks
Core | Upload limit can now be set less than 5KB/sec. However, doing so limits download speed too
Core | User config/pref/plugins dir culled from Windows' Registry (needs aereg.dll)
Core | OSX user- pref/plugin dir moved from ~/Library/Azureus/ to ~/Library/Application Support/Azureus/ to meet osx standards
Core | Unix user- pref/plugin dir moved from ~/Azureus/ to ~/.Azureus/ to meet unix standards
UI | All progress/piece bars re-done (again)
UI | Azureus should work with SWT 2.12 until we break backwards compat. again
UI | Shrink "My Torrents" Context menu
UI | Systray4j removed: system tray support now from SWT built-in code (Requires SWT-M8+)
UI | Torrent name shown with IPs in the blocked-IPFilter list
UI | The Donation Window is now Closeable using the 'Esc' Key
UI | In the Donation Window the OK button should be on top of other Controls
UI | Added a "what's new" item in help menu, pointing to changelog for current version
Corrected bugs:

Core | Files incorrectly shared if contents not a torrent when opening
Core | First Priority rules based on time now work across sessions
Core | Fix for saving of .torrent file in wrong dir: Bug #916137
Core | Fix for some discarded data due to occasional duplicate request
Core | Fix for system clock changes stalling downloads: Bug #918193
Core | Fix for system clock running faster when using Azureus
Core | Fix for underlying socket handles not closing under linux ("Too many open files")
Core | Individual file priorities remembered after Stop-Start
Core | Multiple shares of same resources causing problems (e.g. share contents+share contents recursive of same dir)
Core | Simpler and more reliable file allocation...won't b0rk existing data
Core | Re-check on completion no longer sends Have messages
UI | Fix for the General View in a torrent details, not being layout correctly
UI | Fix for the toolbar on linux / OS X
UI | Fix for the Torrent Maker not getting the correct Tracker when choosing from the Combo on OS X
UI | Fix for the Freeze on exit under OSX


WebUI plugin included in mainline (see
Much more reliable SF mirror auto-update handling
Corrected bugs:

Fix for loading .torrent files via web-browser/shell/doubleclick/etc