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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

Show last time IPFilter list was updated in status area
Support for "compact" tracker announce protocol
Support for "key" tracker announce protocol
Download Speed column in "My Torrents" turns red if below speed set in Queue config.
Webplugin swing ui has status area with total ul/dl
XML over HTTP remote plugin interface (initially to support GTS) - mail parg at for details

All config/pref files utilize .bak backup files
Option to limit outstanding disk writes and piece hash checks
Can delete shares in QUEUED state
Corrected bugs:

Fix of startup issues under Win95/98/Me
Locale-specific dir creation
Hebrew language works now
Fixed long load times under Linux of Configuration view and General tab
Popup windows now center in main monitor on multi-monitor setups
Fix for Pieces and Files views off-by-one row drawing glitch under linux
Sort on Health and Availability now enabled
Various memory leaks (DiskManager instances not being freed)

QUEUED status. Torrents that are queued are stopped, but available for automatic starting
Partial support for Read-Only data (for seeding)
Added "Forced-Start" to force a torrent to start, ignoring download limits or seeding rules
Auto-positioning of finished torrent based on how badly the torrent needs seeding
Added Availability, Seeding Rank, SavePath, Max # Uploads, and Total Speed columns to My Torrents view
Categories to group your torrents in (right click on My Torrents and select Set Category to get started)
More auto-seeding options
Ability to limit maximum number of file handles open/in-use at any given time
Tracker - various performance enhancements such as announce/scrape caching. Tested to 500,000 peers on single torrent
Tracker activity logging to %azhome%/tracker.log
Tracker bytes in/out + scrapes recorded
Tracker - ability to limit number of peers returned
Share ratio now shown on tracker web pages
Tracker/client support for "no_peer_id" spec for bandwidth savings
More plugin stuff - alert raising, ipfilter reloading, various other stuff
Applet UI enhanced into usable state (start/stop/add/remove downloads) + auto refresh
Added torrent hashes for G2 + ED2K (ala
Added colours to file view to show: grey -> requested; red -> data recently written

Split torrents in My Torrents view into 2 lists: Downloading and Seeding (Completed)
STOPPED status now means the torrent never auto-starts
Moved icon from Rank column to Name column
Removed Lock Priority. No longer an issue since priority only gets autochanged once
Remove "Lock Start/Stop" menu option. Stop now means no auto-starting/stopping
Re-design of Configuration view
Language files ( are read in the following order: Azureus user directory, Azureus application directory, JAR file
Remember sorted column and order for all views
Core performance optimizations and major cpu usage reductions
User prompt when (1) tracker listens fails (2) incoming server port bind fails
Config files/dirs and plugins now stored in OS user dir (Win: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Azureus\, OSX: /Users/username/Library/Azureus/, Linux: /home/username/Azureus/)
Tracker log now includes date as well as time
Corrected bugs:

Once a torrent is complete, and you remove the data, it wil no longer start downloading again when seeding rules are on
1st column of MyTorrents no longer has a gap if there's no icon. (Windows Only Bug)
Fix for download stalls at 99% / 100% cpu usage bug introduced in 2070
Fix for minimize/close causing the program to disappear from view under OSX
Fix for icon bar buttons not being flat (Bug #890166) [Gudy]
More reliable .config and .torrent file save/load management
Better handling of failures when performing "move on complete"
Handle torrent file names with trailing spaces and CR/NL (from Mac)

Azureus now identifies itself via User-Agent in tracker http communications
Less flickering, on all platforms (tested on both windows and linux+GTK)
Azureus now responds as Server: Azureus in tracker http comms
Unwritten blocks in Pieces view shown in red
Prioritizing first piece of file(s) now optional in config
Confirmation on data deletion now optional in config
More intelligent announce url '&numwant=' handling
On tracker announce errors, retry interval now uses exponential backoff
Removed multi-port listening, as shared single port is far superior
More reliable .config and .torrent file writing
Tracker scraper now honors a 'flags: min_request_interval' response
Plugins can be initialised from freestanding (not just in .jar file)
Corrected bugs:

Problem with tracker not responding with "Connection: close" causing SSL session maintainance with HttpsURLConnection to stuff up and fail clients with "recv fail"
Fast resuming with Chinese directories: Bug #869749
System tray icon re-shown after explorer.exe crash (again)
Fix for potential memory leaks
Fix for stalled piece writing
Fix for .torrent file data not being fully written on shutdown
Fix for OutOfMemoryError in DiskManager: Bug #865553
Fix for 'Open a URL' downloading of .torrent file which contains white spaces: Bug #878990
Fix for Fast Resume with Chinese torrents: Bug #878015
Fix for excess thread creation when tracker does not support single-infohash scrapes
Fix for hash checking 0-byte files: Bug #853126
Fix for opening files via Files tab when using MoveOnComplete: Bugs #860822, #878795
Fix for 100% cpu usage after network disconnect/reconnect: Bugs #873957, #879498
Fix for downloaded blocks not being written to disk, due to write-thread stall under high load
Fix for various non-unicode torrent encoding issues regarding resume data
New Features:

Under Linux + GTK, added an option to setup a vertical offset to re-align graphics
SSL tracker client now gives option to import certificate rather than manually doing so via "keytool"
Start All Downloads option on tray icon
Support for trackers that do not return peerIDs on announce
Sharing - allows files/dirs/dir contents (recursive) to automatically have torrents created for them and torrents hosted
The shared resources will automatically have their torrents recalculated if they change (over Azureus restart)
Tracker allows number of peers returned to be limited
Experimental UDP tracker protocol (see Config->Tracker->Extensions). Azureus client/tracker supports this, as does the XBT tracker (
Tracker support for GZIP encoding
Tracker support for multiple pages
Tracker pages skinable by placing pages in %azhome%/web
Major extensions to plugin interfaces
Simple Swing based remote admin interface (over SSL+password auth) - email for details
Click on hash in general view to copy hash to clipboard
Quick Change of up speed by right-clicking on the up speed indicator