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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

'Bind to local IP address' now binds outbound sockets as well
Status now shows when it is re-checking pieces on download completion
URL dialogs are initialized with the first valid link beginning with http:// from clipboard
Under linux, only use ~/.azureus dir if it already exists, otherwise use normal program dir for files
Auto-update: now writes a log to an 'update.log' file
Option to disconnect seeds when seeding is now checked by default
FilesView now shows files even in other states than Downloading (configurable)
Updated/additional menu buttons
Some speed optimizations with piece-picking
Generated PeerID only uses chars that don't need to be escaped, saving bandwidth for tracker communications
Can now identify BitComet, TurboBT, LibTorrent clients
Support for both SI byte units (KiB,MiB,GiB) and more well known, but incorrect KB/MB/GB units via config Interface param
locale choice can force prompt via new config param on "File" tab
Corrected bugs:

'Re-check pieces when done' now always ignores fast-resume data: Bug #825881
Fix some decoding bugs in Chinese torrent files due to missing locale encodings in dialog box
System tray icon re-shown after explorer.exe crash
Completed downloads shown in different color when Stopped
Fix possible data loss when moving complete files if not enough free space avail: Bug #855284
Fix for the incremental vs allocate choice in Config
DNS lookups are no longer cached for ever
OSX: Hang when closing: Bug #824459
New Features:

Intelligent Tracker Checking: optimizes tracker re-ask interval for quicker download speed ramp up
Azureus can now run all downloads off one shared incoming port: only need to open/forward one port in your firewall/NAT
Drag-n-Drop moving of downloads in MyTorrents; moving of downloads in MyTorrents with Ctrl + Arrow-Up/Down
Password protected access to tracker web and torrents
GUI Update interval is configurable
Images update interval is configurable
Auto sort on tables possible, interval configurable
MyTorrents view can now be customized (choice of columns and order)
Added new columns to MyTorrents : 'Share Ratio', 'Downloaded', 'Uploaded', 'Health'
Details view can now be customized (choice of columns and order)
SSL now supported for tracker web and tracker updates
Added Drag and Drop of URLs
Multi-Trackers torrents can now be created/edited
Menu option to force a re-check of downloaded data
End-Game Mode: Completes the last few pieces of a download faster
Attempts to download the very beginning of a file first - to support previewing
IPFiltering stats shown in status bar
Logging of console output to disk
Option to confirm on exit
Bad Peer Detection
Inclusion of XSL stylesheed tag in stats XML file
Editing and selection of tracker announce URLs from general view
Plugin interface for tracker web serving
HTML template ( support for tracker web serving from %az_home%/web folder
Opening a second torrent with same hash as existing download causes second torrent's announce urls to be merged into the first
Option to not accept multiple connections from the same IP
Option to use the IP Filter list as an 'ALLOW' list
Super-Seed Mode
Pressing a character selects the next download with a name beginning with this character in MyTorrents view
Option to move-on-complete only when data is inside the default save dir
Auto-import new .torrents from a chosen folder regularly
Create torrent allows manual piece size selection
New 'Activity' view (download and upload speed graphics)
Gzip encoding support for tracker announces
Tray icon: added Stop All Torrents
If .torrents are dropped in COPY state (with modifier key Ctrl under Windows), they will begin in STOPPED state
Ctrl + [Home/End/CursorUp/CursorDown] moves selected torrents to top/end/up/down, "Del" removes selected torrents
Ctrl + [S/R] stops/resumes(starts) selected torrents, Ctrl+Shift+S stops all torrents, Ctrl+A selects all torrents
Option to backup .torrent files
Option to play a sound on download finish
Download Basket: TrayWindow always visible for Drag-n-Drop of .torrents
Clickable Tracker URL in Details/General copies the announce URL into clipboard
Tab hot keys: F6 selects next Tab, Shift+F6 selects previous Tab, ESC or CTRL+F4 closes current Tab
Extended Plugin interface

Full scrape of embedded tracker now supported
Better peer client identification
Added AZ version + torrent size to stats
Added 'comment' field to torrent create
Moving of .torrent to completed dir now optional
Additional upload speed options
Cleanup of Configuration tabs
Rewrite of locale selection code for torrents. Only one encoding allowed per torrent
File->Open... now opens to the default download/torrent dirs set in config
ETA/TimeRemaining now uses just two significant measures, and "kB" changed to "KB"
Corrected bugs:

Torrent hosting - resetting of tracker url to original after hosting cancelled
Allow for torrent files with '.tor' extention
Renamed file not reused after torrent Stop-Start: Bug #842750
No longer deletes files if the 'completed' dir points to the download dir: Bug #842896
Fast resume data no longer duplicated
File 'downloads.config' kept better up-to-date
% Completed is now correct again in MyTorrents view on stopped downloads
Non-UTF8 encoded 'comment' fields in torrents not showing properly
Some dead-lock issues (especially on startup)
Better recovery on connection closing
Uncleaned buffers in peer handling code
Outgoing message correctness verification
Text scroll is now ok in irc view
Size is now displayed even when the torrent is stopped
Sorting by 'Discarded', 'Overall Down Speed', 'Stat Up' in Details view
Torrent 'discarded' and 'hash fails' now remembered between sessions
Corrected sorting by DownSpeed, UpSpeed, ETA in MyTorrents view
Irc input text area gets focus correctly now
On Windows bundle, systray4.dll as been updated to support chinese characters
New Features:

Added tooltip general support
Default torrent encoding selection added to Config->File
Public tracker support - config item allows external use of tracker

Some GUI Changes, so that SWT WinXP theme is better supported
Saving of torrent files to central dir now optional
Checking after crash now remembers Fast Resume data
Internal refactorization of core classes
More logging of reasons for connection closed
Corrected bugs:

Fixed snub/unsnub multiple peers on the peers list
Save file dialog now opens as a 'save' dialog, and not 'open' (for OSX)
DNS name resolution caching no longer infinite
Better recovery checking of partially-allocated files
Re-check file(s) integrity after completion
Max torrent file size was limited to 1MB - limit removed
Fix for several exceptions thrown during socket reads/writes
Fix for exception thrown when peer sends an invalid bitfield
AZ was reporting cumulative upload/download stats to tracker - should be per session
Fix for handling single data files larger than 2GB
Corrected socket writing
Weren't sending "complete" event to tracker on download->seeding transition
New Features:

Disable (per torrent) the auto priority setting when seeding
Disable (per torrent) the rules to start / stop a seeding torrent
Move files to a directory upon completion
Slowly establish new connections to peers (for those with internet disconnection issues)
Bind to local IP address
Export/import torrent file to/from XML file
Export of runtime statistics to XML file
Hosting of torrents using built-in tracker
Trackers used in the 'make torrent' wizard are now remembered.
Embedded tracker
Enhanced peer client identification
Publishing of torrents to tracker (as opposed to hosting them)
Choosable color for the progress bars
Plugin support
Open a torrent file without using the default save location
Added a FAQ and a Donate link in Help menu
Internationalisation: Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Lithuanian