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Bittorrent Azureus downloaden Azureus_2.4.0.2_Win32.setup.exe

Config View has been redesigned
When resuming a torrent with already allocated files (but not all), files will be checked, instead of assuming all were new
You can now change the tracker URL again (new URL added to the list of tracker(s))
More control over auto-seeding
Minimum upload speed is now 5kB/s
Corrected bugs:

Better socket closing
Multi-Tracker is corrected
New Features:

Make Torrent wizard fully functional
New Configuration Wizard
IP Filtering added (filters files will be downloadable soon from this site, see FAQ)
Torrents are now stored in a directory (which you can choose)
Added a confirmation popup when stopping a torrent which share ratio is lower than 1 (you can turn it off via config)
You can delete torrent / data or both when removing a torrent from azureus
Internationalisation: Bulgarian

========================================== Changes:
Azureus now uses chunks of 16k, instead of 32k
You have to choose a nick for irc now, nicks like user12345 are not generated anymore
Multi-Tracker support.
Corrected bugs :
Overall code improvement
Corrected some memory leak with the GUI
Piece availability unstability
Connection / deconnection from peers after an update
Password protection broken while opening a torrent
New Features:
Automatically setting file priority according to extension
Irc tab displays a flashing '!' when there are new messages
Displays amount of discarded data
Displays the 'comment' field of some torrent files
Added a 'Do not download' priority level for files
Priority setting of each torrent is restored after restart
Order added in 'my torrents' view and restored after restart
Ability to change the torrent order (usefull when queueing for example)
Downloaded-uploaded amount is saved.
Share-ratio is computed.
Ability to stop seeding after a given share-ratio is reached (at least 1)
Ability to stop seeding if there is more than 1 seed per N peers (N:1 to 5)
Ability to start seeding if there is less than 1 seed per N peers(N:6 to 15)
Internationalisation: Russian (limited) Added possibility to change tracker URL
Fast resume now saves downloading pieces
Corrected memory usage of the GUI
Corrected upload freezes
Several bug fixes. Added password support
Corrected some bugs (upload problems)
Corrected some memory problems
Internationalisation: Traditional Chinese. Three new options available on startup:
Open console on startup
Open configuration on startup
Start minimized
Added IRC features:
/help : displays the help message
/nick | /name : changes your name
/me action : sends an action
/msg nick message : sends a private message to
/r message : reply to last private message
/join #channel : changes current channel

Official release with changes
Fixed connection stability problems and improves overall performance
Fast resume data saved in a regular interval
Torrents should not freeze the GUI anymore
Files are not locked anymore when allocation is interrupted
Auto Updater only looks for newer versions
Fixed several bugs
Internationalisation: Danish, Italian