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BitSpirit V2.8.0.065

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BitSpirit V2.7.0
Fixed: A memory leak bug caused by the compiler; (update recommended)
Fixed: A job would be disappeared when it is dragged from the job list to the 'recycle bin';
Fixed: BitSpirit couldn’t identify some special BT clients as seeds.
Added: Nat traversal feature, to help LAN users to build connections between each other.
Changed: To add ‘.bt!’ extensions to the unfinished files so that users can identify the finished files easily.
Enhanced: enhanced the ability to identify torrents (Now BitSpirit can decode some strange torrents properly).
Changed: Balloon tips when there is no enough disk space.
Changed: Balloon tips when failed in creating files.
Added: Integrated a XP SP2 TCP/IP patch.
Added: Support UDP tracker
More enhancement…

BitSpirit V2.6.3
1,“Compact Tracker Protocol” support added;
2,“Super Seed” mode support added;
3,HTTP extension added;
4,Event “Stopped” would be sent to tracker again since this version;
5,Some minor bugs fixed and much more enhancement on the disk cache
6,Fixed the bug which would lead to the problems that the job setting and job list couldn’t be saved properly under Windows 98.
7, Enhanced the speed in 100Mbps environment.

BitSpirit V2.6.2
1, Improvements in download/upload speed in 10M-100Mbps environments; (Update is highly recommended to LAN users)
2, The confirmation dialog of Internet sharing configuration will not show up on every time BitSpirit startup.
3, New IP-nationality translation table
4, Lower CPU usage
5. Improvements in both CPU & Mem usage while high-speed running.
6, a bug which would lead to a high resource usage fixed
7, Some minor bugs fixed
8, Some new language packages (Thanks to Gizmo_X, Dukedog and Pirater)