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BitSpirit V2.8.0.065

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BitSpirit V2.8.0.065
Bug fix: error on "Check downloaded file" which will lead to data lost when the single file size is beyond 2GB
Bug fix: "Seeding (Fast Check)" function would be invalid occasionally
Bug fix: less returned connections in some UDP Tracker
Bug fix: problem with Torrent Builder that can not generate torrent file
Bug fix: enable to check rest disk space in NTFS dynamic volume
Bug fix: other minor bugs
Enhanced: rewrite language module, speed up loading at starting BitSpirit
Enhanced: added auto check of disk cache in "Setting Wizard"
Enhanced: added prompts in some options that would affect application performance or downloading speed
Enhanced: integrated extend to Education Network in BitSpirit (for China only)
Enhanced: rewrite connections patch to tcpip.sys againest Microsoft Windows XP SP2
Enhanced: adjusted optional block size in Torrent Builder from min. 32KB to max. 16MB
Enhanced: other detailed

BitSpirit V2.7.2.223
Fixed EMS memory accessing error bug caused by "qsort" function non-threaded security by BCB6. (most serious, upgrade recommend strongly.)
Fixed an issue may come into chucking large flux away when connected with a super-seed ender.
Fixed an issue when use "save as" function, cause .bt postfix uncorrectly.
Fixed an issue with may occuring select error when selected downloading seriate small files.

Improved and changed files PRI from "highest level" to "normal level" by default.
Improved and defaulted to enable "compact Tracker".
Improved unreturn peer id tracker supported.
Improved and changed duplicate rate back to globe complete rate in MiniBar.
Improved and added control interface: "exit program", "currently missions number checking" function, etc.

BitSpirit V2.7.2
BitSpirit lastest release v2.7.2.215 is now available with massively improved performance, including improvements to NAT Traversal, hugely improves your file-sharing experience. See more changelog below:

Fixed a bug when "disable TCP monitor option" may cause program lock up or fail to download.
Fixed a series of bug occuring with files select download. (including fail to changing files option after add a new mission).
Fixed a number of bug about NAT Traversal. (IP changing may cause serious speed down along with NAT Traversal abate).
Fixed an issue which throw an "can't create files" message when peer client request a section which your end do not has.
Fixed a bug as switch "add .bt! postfix" may error identify the file which has existed.
Fixed an issue with memory leak in marker version. (caused by compiled language and only occur when useing a proxy).
Fixed a bug which caused by compiled language, (which is only minor affect process's performance. Do not cause program error)iBar transparency setting" option when running on Win9x system.
Improved simultaneity connect to multi tracker server. (36 at best, 6 by useing "ASDL Anti Freeze" mode, vary connection when connect to the same server port differ end).
Improved disk cache writing mode, no longer claim/5sec permanent but correcting by automatic. (bring much more effect to large cache user).
Improved collective download/upload is worthy of the name. (The setting of option no longer limits single mission in "personal preferences"-"Torrent" option).
Improved and Enhanced NAT Traversal supporting, to lay out BitSpirit's high efficient. (connection limit can be changed in "setting wizard" as well).
Improved carry on perfecting "ASDL anti freeze" function aim at ASDL user.
Improved full newest complete Proxy support. ("preferences"-"advanced"-"multi proxy support", "mission edit"-"extensions"-"single mission proxy, etc.)
Improved and rewrited DP module, more powerful, more steady, more queue/priority added. (6 level in general, "Tiptop", "high", "normal", "low", "neap", "do not download").
Improved NAT Traversal function, Enhanced NAT Traversal efficiency.
Improved and changed complete rate to duplicate rate in mini column.
Improved and added "show mission's info when mouse over BitSpirit icon in taskbar" option. (disable by default).
Improved and added "delete the files which is not selected download after mission completed" option. (disable by default).
Improved display user be seed time's accumulative total added.
Improved "add a mission without show" option.
Improved especial deal with 99% issue. (may chuck few part of flux away).
Improved carry out dynamic diskette write in,reduce memory tie up rate without lose diskette cache efficiency.
Improved and rewrited mass date conformity module, much more steady, restart a pause mission lose flux by nothing.
Improved full globe date and add up date statistic, and system information.
Improved download speed limit function.
Improved task priority function.
Improved memory arithmetic, upgrade programme's performance.
Improved reduce flux waste by added advanced arithmetic which attempt to fix error date up.
Improved added few affixation info in mission info. (eg. numbers of download's mass, being download date's quantity, error date quantity,etc.).
Improved added "set readonly attribute" function. (disable by default, in "preferences" option as well).
Improved and Enhanced delete task function. ("delete original torrent file" and "delete backup torrent file" added).
Improved concurrent startup multi mission.
Improved and amended the speed in "connection info" page to instant speed.
Improved and Enhanced UDP Tracker support.
Improved default to enable NAT Traversal. (due to server alteration, disable to traversal pass BitSpirit version).
Improved added a "file changed" message to avoid files checking.
Improved give a note when more than 4G file is saved in a non NTFS diskette.
Improved added "free disk space" notice at mission dialog box.
Improved and adjusted a large number of particular. (inc. right click menu "check download", main menu "edit"-"delete task" etc.).
Improved default to enable "remember seed info". (default to disable in pass release).
Improved keep pic resource separately with main program, (in bsres.dll), so that user can hack skin without amend program.
Improved and optimized process code, start up program more prompt.
Improved new concise interface and style.
Improved added letter ad.
Strongly Recommend: "setting wizard"-"restart", Thanks!