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BitSpirit V2.8.0.065

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BitSpirit V2.6.0
1, Enhanced Disk I/O, less system usage even
2, Enhanced cache module
3, Enhanced search module
4, Enhanced connecting module.
5, Enhanced multi-language supporting
6, Enhanced file selecting functionality
7, Enhanced torrent builder

1, Fixed the cache overflow bug when high speed running, which maybe cause a high memory usage and make the system slow.
2, Fixed a bug which would lead CPU 100% problem
3, Fixed a bug for Login Prompt.

BitSpirit V2.5.0
Clean interface
Multiple simultaneous downloads
Disk cache mechanism
Fast job resume
File selecting support
Powerful file manager
UPNP portmapping on all windows platform
Connection sharing with peers
Instant Messaging support
Gzip Data compression
Goods market
Flexible speed control
Scheduled downloading
Integrated with IE
Shutdown computer when done
HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
High speed
Very low CPU & Mem usage

BitSpirit v2.5 What's new
Enhanced user interface
Embedded some popular BT search engines, more convenient
Enhanced tracker connecting mechanism
Better performance & better download speed
Enhanced Upnp port-mapping support