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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.998
* Fixed bugs in the right click -> add/remove columns code
* Reworked (the system that resolves ips to hostname). The system
works on an on demand basis now. For end users this just means a reduction
in lookups. (ie. If you have the client minimized no lookups are done)
* Fixed a bug in the options dialog under network options that caused the
window to freeze.
* I'm catching this exception now "Couldn't select a bitmap into wxMemoryDC"
* Fixed bugs in maskededit (This is wx api code not my code). It was causing
the options dialog to freeze when a user would Cut or Paste into the edit
* Fixed some problems related to filenames with foreign characters
* Got rid of the 2 uploads min rule.
* Now using Python 2.3.4

G3 Torrent 0.997b
* Added some fixed country flags 'ned steve' sent me
* The balloon popups won't interfere with the right click menu anymore
* The delay is now ~2 seconds regardless of the update rate.
* Requested: New option: "IP to report to tracker" under network options.
Use this if for some reason trackers are not getting your correct address

G3 Torrent 0.997a
* I made these cool little balloon tooltips.
* Fixed the popup error messages toggle.
* Fix. My own email address was incorrect in the about box!
* Fix. Torrents, when greater than 9, were not reloading in the corrent order.
* Added some fixed country flags 'ned steve' sent me