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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 1.01
* Minor. Upgraded to wxwindows
* Minor. Upgraded to python 2.4
* Now using wx's MainLoop/OnIdle in python instead of a wxTimer for updating the
gui. This requires wxwindows
* Added feature: Schedule Command. It's in the "right click->change this torrent
options" menu. Here you can schedule a commnad for when the DL completes and
stops - Like shut down PC.
* Experimental option: Drop leechers. Under the Connections options. Selected,
the client will drop peers who have: 1) already downloaded more than 1meg from
you, 2) have been connected at least 20mins, 3) have a share ratio worse than
* Updated spoofer options
* Fixed bugs.
* Merged superficial bits of the BT3.9.1 source. Might eventually merge in more
of what will be BT4.0 but, But it seems to be quite a bit of work for almost
no benifits.

G3 Torrent 1.0
* MAJOR. Finally added an RSS Feed reader!
* Major. Upgraded to wxwindows (What a pain!)
* Fixed bugs in add remove columns.
* Tried to address some issues with unknown unicode code pages.
* Fixed a error involving column sorting and the removing columns from lists

G3 Torrent 0.999
* NEW Added the ability to select only certain files to DL from the Multi-File
Torrent manager.
* Updated the types of clients the program can recognize. As well as the types
of clients that can be spoofed to all the latest versions.
* Decreased the length of time the ballons stay on screen. its 8 seconds now.
* Preallocation no longer happens if there is just 1 single large file. For
multiple files, preallocation has to happen because of the way the mutitorrent
mngr works right now.
* Added 2 optional columns in the peer list view. They can be enabled via right
click to the column header. Totaly unessasary for most people, but may be
interesting to some.
* "spew" is toggled off now for torrents that are not currently selected or when
the window is minimized. This means lower CPU usage - Especially when there
are many torrents running. Also CPU time is much lower now when minimized.
* Changed the remove torrent hotkey to Ctrl+Del
* Numerous bug fixes