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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.996
* Changed the way Resume/Paused/Stop slightly.
Pause is roughly equivallent to Requeue in other clients now.

An active torrent (green download, yellow yeild, or happy face icons):
Can be Stopped - The torrent will not start again untill you hit resume.
Can be Paused/Requeued - The torrent will resume automatically later.
A stopped torrent (Red stop icon, status says Stopped ):
Can be Resumed. Or Can be Paused/Requeued.
A paused torrent (Blue pause icon, status says Paused(Queued)):
Can be Resumed. or Can be Stopped.

One minor difference bettween requeuing a stopped one from requeuing a running
torrent is that if it is running and paused/requeued, it will go to the bottom
of the queue. Stopped torrents stay in place.

* Added check box to Multi-File Order Manager to toggle it from popping up
all the time. If unchecked you can still access it manually via right click
* Added keyboard shortcuts (Check the menu bar)
* Added Toggle tabbed view option to the menu bar
* Message tab now shows the url of the tracker when there is a tracker error.
* Fixed issues related to On Completion
* Fixed various issues related to how lists were drawn. Some flickering, the
last item on a list not clearing, artifacts when resizing cols etc
* Fixed crash bugs in the Progress Dialog
* Fixed move up move down functions in dlordermanager (credit goes to spreadit)
* Fixed "rejected by tracker - key did not match key supplied earlier"
* Clipboard functions fixed.
* Fixed swedish flag
* Fixed a bug in the "Progress Dialog" when restoring the minimized window
* About box instead of About tab
* I've removed all references to psyco (a JIT compiler) for now. It seems to be
troublesome and causing crashes for some people

G3 Torrent 0.995
* Added a tracker manager dialog. Can add/remove trackers from the the announce
list. Right click to manually poll the selected tracker immediatly.
* Added a few more color options for the main list view
* Fixed occasaional crashing when restoring from the systray.
* Made the skipping of hash checks for 100% complete files optional.
* Requested. New on complete setting that lets you change the upload speed once
you switch to seeding mode.
* Requested. Remove multiple torrents at once. I added a checkbox to the dialog:
"Apply to all selected" when you select multiple torrents to remove.
* Note. In wx 2.5.1 they solved the problem of the systray icon not restoring
after an explorer crash. Yay!
* Fixed flickering in the optionsdlg
* Colors on the German flag icon was obviously wrong
* Should work without problems under Win98/ME now
* Significant progress in the linux version with the help of andrewpeabody
* Converted some of the icons/png's so that they will display correctly on
win98 & linux

G3 Torrent 0.994
* Upgraded downloader code with BitTorrent 3.4.2
* Upgraded the windowing api from wxPython 2.4.2 to 2.5.1
* The completed torrents folder gets checked before starting a new DL.
* Requested. Once a file is known as 100% it will not get hash checked again.
This will save time when working with large files.
* Fixed. On complete setting not correctly getting saved
* Switch to Toggle Popups in main menu bar now updates when the option is
changed in options
* Fixed. Availabilty graph/gauge was a off by a bit.