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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.993
* Changed. ETA will show N.n Days instead of just "Days" if the dl is going to
take a while.
* Fixed. Sort peer list and reverse dns was switched in the options dialog.
* Fixed. I broke sort peer list in 0.992
* Fixed. I broke the global upload cap in 0.992
* Fixed. At some point I also broke the total upload and download information
from getting reloading. So the ratios were not getting saved.
* Fixed. Torrents will now reload in the same order they were in on exit.
* Fixed. Details panel was showing incorrect information for downloaded, uploaded
* Changed. Checking indication in the progress meter should be more accurate now.
Or at least give more feedback.

G3 Torrent 0.992
* Fixed gui not corrently showing information when seeding, such as the
piece freq graph
* Fixed locale problems related to the webinterface
* Fixed an issue related to IP address and the webinterface
* Fixed options dlg seemed display off screen for some people. Always center now
* Fixed broken IPC in 0.99
* New. Added "Fast Resume" capability.
- When Exiting, or when Pausing, all the connected peers to any active
torrents are saved to a data file (peers.ben).
- When restarting, the client will automatically reconnect to all of those
peers. This helps with trackers that are really slow, and/or are hard to
get a response from.
- When Stopping, peers will not be saved and any peers saved for that
torrent are cleared.
* Upload throttle is a little more aggressive

G3 Torrent 0.99
* New. Added Web Interface
* New. Added Multi-Tracker support.
* Fix. Torrents still in queue that had never started, would not get saved to
torrents.ini correctly. They now load correctly next start up.
* Fix. Large files that were started, paused, and then resumed would appeared to
stay paused for a long time. When in fact it should have been reported as
Checking. Same for Stopped.
* Fixed a graphical glitch in the friends list
* Improved the accuracy of the main progress gauge.
* Change. When restarting the client and resuming a partialy completed download
the client will no longer take in to account the total up/down from the
previous session.