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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.988
* Merged with BitTorrent 3.4.1a (From 3.4)
* Saves total uploaded and downloaded statistics and applies them on next start
toward ratio
* Option to scans torrents dir ever N mins and load any files in there if they
are not already loaded.
* Added "Create a Torrent" functionality
* Added "Add Torrent (No Default Save) to menu bar
* Fixed. Bug(s) in Auto banning after N bad hashed.
* Fixed a bug introduced in 0.987 where the ratios were WAY off causing the on
complete system to not work correctly.
* Fixed a bug that caused Total Downloaded to report incorrectly when seeding
* Fixed bug [918160] Involved torrents with Unicode "Folder Names" not loading
* Fixed. Seeds/peers in main view was listed backwards
* Identifies "BitTornado" and "Plus! II" clients in the peer list as such
* Requested: Merged the Total peers/seeds and Seen Peers seeds into a single column

G3 Torrent 0.987
* Added right click->Move to top/bottom in the multi-file torrent manager
* Adjusted/Fixed Global Upload setting.
* Improved the Friends Tab.
Can show/edit banned peers as well as freinds.
Can Remove multiple items at a time.
* Requested. Client will automatically add ips to the Ban List if they send
more than N bad pieces. Default N = 5
* Requested: Added this behavior.
After 4 unsuccessfull connection attempts to a tracker, It will
automatically get paused so that other torrents in queue can get promoted.
* Added "Error Options" page to the preferences. Failure behavior for peers
sending bad hashes and tracker problems can be set there.
* Requested. Added a new column to the main list view: "Total Peers/Seeds"
* Request [ 916057 ] Delete only data option when removing a torrent.
* Request [ 915248 ] Options accesible via right click in the peer list can be
set globally via a new page in the options dialog
* Request [ 915247 ] Torrent options should stick for mini window.
* Fixed a bug where the icon used in the systray was appearing in the mini
torrent windows, instead of 'userblue'
* Fixed a line to compensate for some multifile torrents having files of 0 length
* Fixed an odd bug that caused the active state not to get written to torrents.ini
* Fixed installer. Was adding G3 Torrent 2x to the control panel -> add remove programs
* Changed. "Peers/Seeds" is now "Seen Peers/Seeds"

G3 Torrent 0.986
* Added improved delete confirmation dlg. Options for delete torrent,
delete torrent and data, and delete nothing
* Added optional display of country flags (via the TLD identifier)
Right click in the peer list to see this.
* Added avalabilty graph in the details panel.
* Requested: Option to clear all messages in message tab
* Bug Fix: Was leaking memory when popup error message were enabled. ("Destory")
* Bug Fix: There were 2 bugs affecting the pause/resume system.