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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.981
*BT Client Type Spoofing.
Because some trackers don't want to play nice…

G3 Torrent 0.98
*MAJOR: Global Upload Rate
In the main preferences dialog you can choose between a global upload limit,
or setting the limits on a per torrent basis. Additionaly, it is possible
to have some torrents using the global setting while others have unique user
rate settings applied. If you adjust rate via RightClick->Change this torrent
options, then that torrent will not fall under the global upload limit rules.

*Made some progress getting the bugs out of the Friends system
*Peer list drawing optimized to reduce cpu load
*GUI Update rate option was not saving correctly
*Caught a bug in the reverse dns routines
*Move down in queue when contacted via right click menu was broken. Fixed
*Copying file message was Fixed to show correct order

G3 Torrent 0.97
*I optimized the drawing on the big progress bar (the one crosses the whole screen)
It should draw around 10x-15x faster, but it is slightly less accurate than before
*Added a GUI Update rate combobox in the options menu. An update rate of 1000ms
or 1sec is recomended. Faster update rates will increase CPU usage.
*Associate butoton in options dialog wasn't working right. Fixed... Nope still funky.
*Forgot to turn off DEBUG mode in 0.96. Fixed.
*configs weren't being correctly used in 0.96. Fixed
*Changed the way the small DL progress dialog is integrated