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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.96
*Decreased cpu impact of the p2p progress bars
*Right click in lists even over progress bars works correctly now
*Rate, On Completion and Choker options are saved on a per torrent basis.
ie: Next time the program starts up the settings you made will be
correctly loaded with the settings you left them at and will no be reset
to the global defaults.
*Had to disable the system for keeping the System Tray/Taskbar Icon even after
an explorer crash because in certain setups it behaved werid

G3 Torrent 0.952
*Added 'Copies Seen' and 'Avg. Progress' columns in the torrent list
*Added 'Copies Seen' and 'Avg. Progress' columns in the details panel*System Tray/Taskbar Icon will restore itself if explorer crashes
*Fixed various bugs in 0.95 including the add torrent one and crashing on bad
col information
*Fixed Copy to clipboard in message panel
*Fixed Taskbar popup menu

G3 Torrent 0.95
*MAJOR: P2P Progress bars everywhere!!!
(This was fairly tricky to get working, so I am quite happy with this =)
* This feature still needs a bit of optimization to be less compute intensive
If you think its eating too much of your cpu time you can just disable it by
turning off the column via right click on the col header.
*Requested: Will only hash 1 file at a time now on start up or when loading up multiple
*Requested: Rate, On Completion and Choker options can be set individualy for each torrent
via the right click menu.
*Requested: Added confirmation on exit
*Requested: Will save order settings when using a custom download order
*Requested: Saves column widths on exit