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G3 Torrent 1.01

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G3 Torrent 0.91
*MAJOR: Added Multi File Download Order Manager
For torrents with multiple files, you can now select the order to DL them in
*Completed torrents should now move correctly to the user assigned location
*Fixed 'queue down' when multiple items were selected
*Added showing / hiding of columns in list views
*popup menu to tray icon

G3 Torrent 0.90
*Added an experimental Leech Only choker
*Removed the Shadow Choker. No real benifits from having it.
*Fixed bizzare out of control resource usage when error popups were enabled
*Stopped XMLRPC server log dumps from being considered error dumps
*Will keep friends who are sharing the same file
*MAJOR: Added in peerlist view rightclick->"Give this peer upload preference"
This creates a temporary friend that will only last untill the app exists
*MAJOR: Added in peerlist view rightclick->"Never Upload to this peer"
This creates a temporary foe that will only last untill the app exists
*Stoped saving port settings into torrents.ini, among other things..
*Add torrent from URL dialog now shows urls from clipboard

G3 Torrent 0.87
*Added the ability to add torrents from a URL
*Fixed the windows installer not uninstalling and reinstalling correctly
*Added option not to minimize to systray to general page in options
*rightclick->pause, rightclick->stop fixed
*In message tab: Can copy messages(s) to clipboard via right click popup
*In peer list: Can copy ip address(s) to clipboard via right click popup
*Won't try to load torrent from user defined torrents folder on start,
unless extention is ".torrent"
*Added confirmation box before deleting a torrent file on remove
*Saves window position on exit