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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.3.2
* d0c - Added code to reset colours to default in prefs
* d0c - Updated the Unicode support to support the utf-8 extension and different types of encoding via 'encoding' entry
* d0c - Added a 'Stopped' message to the p2pgauge when a torrent is stopped
* d0c - Added the &no_peerid=1 flag to the announce string for tracker comptability
* d0c - Fixed the error where there are two alternating torrent states for the same torrent

Rufus 0.3.1
* d0c - Fixed the double-click on torrent error where the progress dialog would only be displayed once (req by aretecte)
* d0c - Fixed an issue with the time not being displayed in the torrent progress dialog (req by sid32)
* Bones - Added toggle toolbar function/menu option (req by aretecte)
* Bones - Added toggle tabs button on toolbar (req by aretecte)
* Apraxhren - Fixed a bug in progress dialog where colours were displayed incorrectly
* d0c - Removed leech choker and spoof abilities - sharing good... leeching bad. Spoofing unnecessary.
* d0c - Added right-click remove/add pages from the tab window (Details, Graph, Messages... etc)
* d0c - Added peerid recognition for all versions of: eXeem, Shareaza, XBT, XanTorrent, BitSpirit, BitComet, Burst!, Experimental, TurboBT, TorrentTopia, BitBuddy, TorrenTres and re-wrote detection for Mainline
* d0c - Created a new peerid for BitMagnet which includes the version number

Rufus 0.3.0
* Now based on G3torrent RC1
* Upgraded g3 to support wxpython (g3rmz was responsible for the bulk of this)
* Fixed the RSS reader (no more ASCII decode errors)
* Changed spoofing to include useragent string - making it much harder for trackers to block g3
* Added a select checkbox function to the right-click in the multi-file manager
* Fixed g3 RC1 double click error which was only seen when a double clicking on a .torrent while g3 RC1 wasn't open
* Fixed an error where when you double clicked on a .torrent file it wasn't being loaded into g3 - this was due to an error in my code with my first two tweaked versions (surprised it wasn't reported as a bug...)
* Rewrote the Web Interface POST function so that when you change the Web Interface port double clicking on a .torrent still works
* Unicode support upgraded meaning much greater support for other languages (still working on Asian support - this is a tough one)
* Added DNS lookup to the friends list (experimental) editing the friends.ini and replace the ip address with no-ip etc hostname if I get enough requests I will change the interface to accept both IP addresses and dynamic hostnames ( etc)
* Fixed the installer so that it removes the g3 desktop icon and g3 start menu shortcuts correctly.