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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.7.0
* d0c - Added status list (peer data) caching to decrease CPU usage - peer information is now cached, this has resulted in a 'lookup delay' for all peer details other than speed etc but the CPU savings offset the slight delay
* d0c - Optimised other pieces of code to reduce CPU usage further. I've managed to shave another couple of percent off the CPU overhead. Another side effect is the Rufus process doesn't take so long to close down.

Rufus 0.6.9
* d0c - Improved error messages output for the reading of RSS/Search/friends ini files
* d0c - Changed the way the peerlist IP sorting works *again* (better workaround to the one used in version 0.6.8 - it actually works this time!)
* d0c - New choker options now saved - overlooked when the new choker was added (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - (Linux) Fixed a couple of GUI bugs with the new choker GUI layout and a problem with client ident under Linux (reported and tested by strikeforce)
* d0c - Improved the internationalization support getting close to translation time...

Rufus 0.6.8
* d0c - ***SEARCH FUNCTION REPLACED!!*** Rewrote the Search function - Now uses external browser to display results and supports multiple searches also making the feature less resource intensive and compatible with Linux
* d0c - Changed the choker options to allow for piece size and multipler (req by monk2000)
* d0c - Removed redundant GUI images from Rufus
* d0c - Added new 'connecting' and 'connected' states (with new icon) to represent the states before a download starts (req Mike)
* d0c - Changed the tray icon when not minimised to tray (when using the 'fixed tray icon' setting) to red the 'R' (req by back2earth)
* d0c - Fixed a few issues with the toolbar and stop/resume all dropdown menus and properly sized the toolbar removing the ugly line around the edge
* d0c - Fixed a bug with the web interface where it wouldn't show the Rufus logo if started via XMLRPC (double-clicking on a file) (reported by strikeforce and many others :-))
* d0c - The detailspanel is now cleared only once (instead of repeatedly) if nothing is selected or nothing is running
* d0c - Fixed a problem with new IP sort introduced in 0.6.6 - comparing long type to str type in customcolumnsorter caused RuntimeWarning (known python issue)