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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.2.0
* Recoded the web interface to use POST method so no password etc shown in URL (req by ricochet_sf)
* Added an extra refresh button at the top of the web interface (Req by mochaaddict24)
* Added unicode language support using CJKPython - support for Asian languages etc (req by kanji_man)
* Added a setting in 'General settings' that lets you have a fixed tray icon (no disappearing) (req by sid32)
* Fixed the 'associate' button so it shouldn't break the .torrent file association

Rufus 0.1.0
* Added 'select all' to right-click in multifile manager
* Added 'invert selection' to right-click in multifile manager (requested on the boards)
* Added the ability to change the port of the Web Interface (from default 7007) (requested)
* Added option to not restore G3 from taskbar when adding torrent via web interface
* Added 'browse to torrent data folder' right-click option in the torrent window
* Added 'browse to default incoming folder' button in toolbar
* Added ability to copy the torrent info hash to the clipboard by clicking on it
* Corrected a bug where when a multi-folder torrent was deleted it left behind folders
* Corrected bug where G3 moved the wrong folder on completion of multi-file torrents if non-default save was selected and move to folder was set in prefs.