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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.6.7
* d0c - Added utorrent and Ruby Torrent peerids and fixed detection of Rufus to check for fake peer ids
* d0c - Changed the fast resume data checksum from md5 to SHA-1 to decrease the likelyhood of collision (suggested by strikeforce)
* d0c - Fixed a bug where an exception would occur in rerequester if a badly formed tracker URL (without 'http://') was given in a torrent file
* d0c - Fixed a bug in choker options - if you switched to the bittorrent choker from the other two options the settings would reset to default (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - Bug fix - Tracker error/info messages were not being displayed 100% of the time, now they should be...
* d0c - Bug fix - Bencoded tracker response data is now checked for terminating whitespace and it is stripped to stop bdecode errors
* d0c - Bug fix - Removing the torrent in any state now ensures that the fast resume data is also removed

Rufus 0.6.6
* d0c - Finally added a Fast-Resume feature :) Look in Prefs->Fast Resume to adjust the settings for this feature
* d0c - Added Peers, Leechers and Seeds to web interface (req by sid32)
* d0c - Added 'Seed Torrent' file menu option to make seeding a torrent more obvious
* d0c - Added a new menu item called 'Torrents' which gives menu access to stopping, resuming and removing of torrents (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added torrent piece size entry to details panel (req monk2000)
* d0c - Added a checksum and version string to fast resume data to give better error detection
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the file non-default save option which would result in data being moved when 'move on complete' was selected in prefs
* d0c - Fixed a bug in multiple file selection where Asian filenames would not be accepted - introduced in 0.6.1
* d0c - Fixed display bug in 'create torrent' where the lower buttons were clipped when running in win XP with skin (reported by fadetoblack)
* d0c - Fixed display bug in individual torrent choker options the Apply/Cancel buttons were clipped/missing (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - Fixed sort by IP address bug and sort bugs in the rest of the peer/staus list (reported by Monk2000)

Rufus 0.6.5
* d0c - Added Stop All torrents and Resume All torrents - small down arrow next to Stop and Resume buttons (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added download threshold setting to LeoXV choker - how much the peer has to download before choker is activated (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added Total Seed, Peer, Leech info to trayicon tooltip popup
* d0c - Added a check for multi-gzip error to zurllib - which was not as much work as I thought (req skee)
* d0c - Added SSL support (with gzip) for trackers - both announce and scrape (req wayno)
* d0c - Added 'tracker URL' to masterlist (req by czesiu)
* d0c - Start/Resume and Pause/Requeue can be configured so that they don't move the torrents around anymore - look in prefs under Peer/Torrent List (req by sid32)
* d0c - Partial rewrite of g3peerid to remove redundant code
* d0c - Reorganised the search panel GUI - more intuitive having all the controls at the top.
* d0c - Fixed an annoyance in search panel settings where you would could fill out the settings and not be able to save them
* d0c - Fixed a few problems with unicode and user interface translation - though there are probably more... (thanks Stefan)
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the peerlist where if torrent paused or stopped the peerlist would unnecessarily continue to try to delete item listings that didn't exist
* d0c - Bug fix in multi-file manager - right-clicking on the checkboxes caused an error
* d0c - Bug fix in Rerequester - when tracker returned bencoded data without peer IP addresses (like a blacklisted port message) an error would occur - error introduced in 0.5.7
* d0c - Bug fix - Rufus now removes all whitespace from torrent announce strings as this would cause errors in scrape
* d0c - Removed *ALL* setdefaulttimeout's as they was causing read errors with SSL