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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.6.4
* d0c - Fixed error in peerlist so that it only auto sorts when selected in peerlist prefs (introduced in version 0.6.0)
* d0c - Fixed error in friends feature when selecting 'Never upload to this peer'
* d0c - More updates to peer identification - New Shareaza peerid and Ktorrent peerid added
* d0c - Fixed a bug in Create torrent (thanks Mr Splenius)
* LeoXV - (Linux) Fixed a bug with GUI update refresh under Linux (merged from Linux 0.6.1)
* LeoXV - Corrected a typo in storage wrapper
* LeoXV - (Linux) Squashed a bug in the clipboard access when adding a torrent via the 'Add from URL' button

Rufus 0.6.3
* d0c - Now catching an error in g3rpcserver where if webinterface port was changed it would cause an error on restart
* d0c - Tray Icon graphs now clear when Rufus is restored from tray - requested as it can be misleading as it is not updated when Rufus isn't minimised to tray
* d0c - Fixed bugs in the search panel with the buttons - made some last minute changes and was a little over-confident with my coding I think... not enough testing :

Rufus 0.6.2
* d0c - Completed the activexwrapper for the search panel. Download requests intercepted so that torrents are loaded directly into Rufus
* d0c - Fixed a small issue with selection of peers from peerlist - clicking on mini-p2pgauge wouldn't select the list item