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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.6.1
* Merged the following changes from LeoXV into the current Rufus source:
* LeoXV - Tweaked socket timeout within scrape - will hopefully speed up Rufus shutdown in win32
* LeoXV - (Linux) Reduction of CPU usage when minimized
* LeoXV - Added ability to select more than one torrent at a time when loading torrents (requested)
* LeoXV - (Linux) Fixed stat errors on shutdown and reduced socket timeout to increase speed of close
* LeoXV - Added LeoXV's choker - adds share ratio parameter to g3torrent choker
* LeoXV - Added peer identification for MooPolice, SwarmScope, BTSlave and alt. libTorrent

Rufus 0.6.0
* d0c - (win32) Search tab can now be disabled by right-clicking on the tabs and unchecking the 'search' option - eliminating resources used by search panel (restart needed to free resources properly - mijnimise to tray works to an extent)
* d0c - (win32) Added a new settings panel to the search tab which gives the user more control over the search engine settings
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the friends panel where if a non-default web interface/XMLRPC port was used it would disable the friends feature in certain circumstances
* d0c - Fixed an intermittent bug in the XMLRPC server which appeared when when a torrent was loaded directly from a web-browser causing Rufus to start - all other attempts to load more from the browser would fail (thanks odo646)
* d0c - Rufus now remembers the columns settings between torrents (req by R a d)

Rufus 0.5.9
* d0c - Added search tab (win32 only for the moment) to allow for HTML searches to be carried out (requested)
* d0c - Added titlebar branding to the client - allows text to be added to the Rufus titlebar(requested)