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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.5.8
* d0c - (win32) Finally fixed an annoying problem with the ListCtrl refresh introduced when upgrading to wxpython 2.6
* d0c - Added password protection to tray icon - password stored as MD5 hash in ini (requested)

Rufus 0.5.7
* AlDoogy - Addition of listening port to details panel
* AlDoogy - Added tracker response debug output (config via btconfig.ini - set dbg_tracker to TRUE)
* AlDoogy - Added handling of incorrectly bencoded tracker data
* d0c - Re-added the function to clear the statusbar message when switching to messages tab (req by fadetoblack)
* d0c - Fixed a bunch of gui bugs in preparation for upgrade to wxpython 2.6 (graph, progress dblclk popup etc.)
* d0c - Added choice of percentage mini-progress bar for peer/torrent list config via prefs (req by back2earth)
* d0c - Added a whole bunch of missing country flags
* d0c - Fixed BitTornado peer identification and added modded FUTB/xUTB BitComet client ident
* d0c - Fixed bug with status panel which was causing problems with sizing the columns
* d0c - Fixed User-Agent reporting - Rufus now correctly identifed by certain trackers

Rufus 0.5.6
NOTE: Main Reason for such a quick update is that the locale directory is missing from the 0.5.5 installer
* d0c - Added the locale directory to the installer (includes English and 'h4x0r' language - for testing purposes)
* d0c - Small fix to flag lookup to deal with uppercase domains