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Rufus 0.7.0

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Rufus-BitTorrent downloaden Rufus_0.7.0_win32_setup.exe

Rufus 0.5.5
* d0c - Fixed the installer so that it reads all 4 torrent incoming/complete folder names
* d0c - Found and converted text that I missed in the internationalisation/language efforts in 0.5.4
* d0c - Changed the Seeds/Peers column to show Seeds/Leechers instead and totals now shows seeds, leechers and peers (req by Preducer and odo646)
* d0c - Added referer option to web interface
* d0c - Fixed a whopping great bug with the web interface (thanks sid32)

Rufus 0.5.4
* d0c - Added update checking on start/every N hours (config in prefs)
* d0c - Added support for languages/translation of the Rufus GUI. Needs testing before actual translation of the GUI

Rufus 0.5.3
* LeoXV - Fixed problems with update threading in RSS reader
* d0c & LeoXV - Fixed a bug with the threading used in XMLRPCserver
* d0c - Changed remove routines to only attempt to remove files if they exist - stops annoying 'file not found' error messages
* d0c - Added rescan torrent folder right-click option to torrent list (req sid32)
* d0c - Now catching socket.timeout exception in URLfetch
* d0c - Added referer spoofing to 'add from URL'
* d0c - Added detection of ZipTorrent, Arctic and older version of Azureus to g3peerid as well as 2 unknown clients 'PO' and 'UR' which I've seen a few times
* d0c - RSS reader now waits until return from feed update before allowing another update... prevents multiple requests to the same RSS feed (hammering)
* d0c - Removed 'up' and 'down' status bar text... arrows should be more than enough
* d0c - Re-organised colour preferences - seperate colour choices for taskbar icon now and removed 'requested' (for now)
* d0c - Moved 'popup error messages' prefs option into 'error options' panel (makes more sense)
* d0c - Installer now reads previous torrent/download path from btconfig.ini unless blank and displays them in the installer (req sid32)
* d0c - Changed the default icons... might add a simple icon skinning option so that other icon sets, including the old blue ones, can be used.