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XBT Client 0.6.9

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XBT Client 0.5.6
Added context menu - Block to manually block a peer until the client is restarted.
Added delay of 30 s to hide on deactivate option.
Enabled hide on deactivate option by default.
Fixed PHP frontend when magic quotes gpc is off.

XBT Client 0.5.5
Added application manifest to enable Windows XP themes.
Added torrent priority (-128 to 127) to torrent options.
Made upload rate limiter not waste part of the limit.
Made the torrent queuer unqueue the highest priority, lowest size torrent first (when torrents limit is set).

XBT Client 0.5.3
XBT Client 0.5.3
Added reverse DNS resolver (Host Name, advanced column) to the peers view.

XBT Client 0.5.2
Added (experimental) support for UPnP NAT port mapping.
Changed number format from #### to #.##, ##.# or ###.

XBT Client 0.5.1
Fixed bug related to multi-tracker torrents and invalid tracker URLs
Fixed bug related to head-of-line blocking during hashing