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XBT Client 0.6.9

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XBT Bittorrent Client downloaden XBT_Client-0.6.9.exe

XBT Client 0.5.0
Fixed bug with tracker URL protocol compare being case sensitive instead of insensitive.

XBT Client 0.4.9
Fixed context menu of bottom view.

XBT Client 0.4.8
Fixed crash when a frontend requested the status via the admin port.
Added Torrent - Explore (Enter) and Torrent - Options (Alt+Enter) shortcuts.
Added ability to edit trackers in Torrent - Options.
Added experimental ability to show/hide and order columns (not remembered across restarts).
In the torrent maker, files are now sorted on filename.

XBT Client 0.4.7
Added send stop event option (disabled by default to speed up client exit).
Made options and torrent options dialogs resizeable.
Implemented per-torrent min and max upload slots limits.

XBT Client 0.4.6
Added duration to details - completed/started at.
Added global details view.
Added option to configure hot key.
Added sending of event=stopped to tracker.
Fixed the new icon.
Moved the end mode option from options to torrent options.

XBT Client 0.4.5
Added global events view.
Added version check (in global events).
Added firewall/router check (in global events).
Added a new icon.
Fixed bug related to restart with 0 byte files.

XBT Client 0.4.4
Fixed Upload Slots Limit.
Made installer remember Install Dir (for next upgrade).

XBT Client 0.4.3
Added aggregate statistics to window title.
Added version number to window title.
Added version number to web frontend.

XBT Client 0.4.2
Added extension column to files view.
Added popup menu to tray icon.
Added Help - Home Page option.
Fixed keyboard shortcuts.

XBT Client 0.4.1
Added menu bar.
Added tabs to bottom view.
Added interface for per-torrent upload slots min and max (not functional yet).

XBT Client 0.4.0
Added files row to details view.
Added profiles.
Added scheduler (time-based profile selection).
Added aggregate row to web frontend torrent table.
Added dynamic request queue size (latency-based).
Fixed bugs in web frontend related to info hash escaping.
Removed piece valid events.

XBT Client 0.3.9
Added per-torrent seeding ratio (Torrents - Options).
Added code to reregister the tray icon after a crash of explorer.
Improved installer (renames locked executables if necessary).
Added backend that can run as Windows service (for use with web frontend).

XBT Client 0.3.8
Added more Details.
Added more Options to web frontend (\Program Files\XBT\Client\htdocs).
Added Events to web frontend.
Fixed issue with periodically saving state.bin.

XBT Client 0.3.7
Added Rejected Chunks row to Details View.
Added Rejected Pieces row to Details View.
Fixed have message queueing.
Fixed a stuck at 99 % bug.
Fixed web frontend when no torrents were open.
Fixed peer rejection for stopped torrents.

XBT Client 0.3.6
Added browse buttons to Options dialog.
Added Queued and Stopped states.
Added Torrent limit.
Added editable Options to web frontend.
Disabled part of end-mode by default.

XBT Client 0.3.5
Added working HTTP authentication to the web frontend (\Program Files\XBT\Client\htdocs\).
Added separate directories for Completes, Incompletes and Torrents to Options.
Fixed web frontend for torrents larger than 2 gb.
Remember torrent state during restart (started or stopped).

XBT Client 0.3.4
Added PHP web frontend.
Improved choking algorithm.
Improved chunk and piece selection.

XBT Client 0.3.3
Added Pieces View.
Partially valid pieces will now be saved before a restart.

XBT Client 0.3.2
Added Downloaded (layer 5 overhead) and Uploaded (layer 5 overhead) rows to Details View.
Added LR (Local Requests) and RR (Remote Requests) columns to Advanced Peers View.

XBT Client 0.3.1
Added Chunks row to Details view.
Added Distributed Copies row to Details view.
Current Bottom View is now remembered after restart.

XBT Client 0.3.0
Added Upload Rate Limit option to context menu.
Added Check and Radio icons to the context menu.
Made disabled context menu items gray.
Added estimated completion time to details view.

XBT Client 0.2.9
Torrents with zero-byte files can now be downloaded.
Shortcuts for open (Ins), close (Del) and the five bottom views (1 - 5) have been added.

XBT Client 0.2.8
Added "Completed at" and "Started at" to the details view (not yet remember after client restart).
Made double-clicking on a torrent open Windows Explorer in the directory of that torrent.
Made double-clicking on a file (in the files view) open that file.

XBT Client 0.2.7
Added events view.
Fixed files view.
Added option to change sub-file priority for multi-file torrents to the context menu.

XBT Client 0.2.6
Added multiple views (details, files, peers and trackers) to the bottom pane. The files view doesn't work yet.
Added a client column.
Added a peers (leechers + seeders) column.

XBT Client 0.2.5
Added bind before connect option.

XBT Client 0.2.4
Added request for uninstall confirmation.
Added size column to torrents list.
Files are now moved from Incompletes to Completes upon completion.
Improved Torrent - Explore command.

XBT Client 0.2.3
Fixed bug related to multi-file torrents and enabled "Ask for location".

XBT Client 0.2.2
Changed install dir to \Program Files\XBT\Client.
Set default button in Make Torrent.

XBT Client 0.2.1
Added Load Trackers option to Make Torrent that allows you to 'copy' the trackers from an existing torrent.
Added Copy Announce URL and Copy Hash to the popup menu.