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XBT Client 0.6.9

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XBT Bittorrent Client downloaden XBT_Client-0.6.9.exe

XBT Client 0.2.0
Added global hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Q) to activate/deactivate the main window.
Added balloon tips (on Windows 2000 and XP) that show up after a torrent is opened instead of the main window popping up.
Added "Seed after Making" option to Torrent - Make that'll open the torrent and ask for the location of the files.

XBT Client 0.1.9
Added Torrent - Delete command that closes a torrent and moves it to the recylce bin.
Fixed bug in Torrent - Make that caused 256 kb pieces to be used for files larger than 4 gb.

XBT Client 0.1.8
Made Open the default button in the Files dialog. Open (or double-clicking on a file) allows you to open the file directly.
Made hasher skip complete files after a crash.
Made code backend compile under Linux.

XBT Client 0.1.7
Added non-blocking hasher (GUI and backend don't block/freeze during verification of existing files).

XBT Client 0.1.6
Added option to limit number of connections/peers.
Fixed bug that caused 100% CPU usage in certain situations.

XBT Client 0.1.5
Added option to lower process priority (on by default).
Reduced memory usage in certain situations.

XBT Client 0.1.4
Added multi-tracker support into make torrent.
Disabled end game mode to save bandwidth.

XBT Client 0.1.3
Added make torrent function with a few restrictions:
- No directory structure.
- No desktop.ini.
- No thumbs.db. ;->
- Less than 256 files (use an archives like zip).
- Only drag- and drop allows you to include files.

XBT Client 0.1.2
Added option to not download selected files in a multi-file torrent (priority -10).
Added option to change filename when "Ask for location" is enabled.

XBT Client 0.1.1
Added option to ask for download location.
Added integrated UDP tracker.

XBT Client 0.1.0
Added per-file done/left indicators.

XBT Client 0.0.9
Added about dialog with version number.
Added option to start the client minimized.

XBT Client 0.0.8
Added code to reopen files read-only after completion so Windows Media Player can play them.

XBT Client 0.0.7
Fixed bug that caused all trackers on port 80 to be unreachable.

XBT Client 0.0.6
Fixed bug related to UDP tracker URLs.
Added limit of 125 to alerts.

XBT Client 0.0.5
Added option to hide advanced columns.
Added option to change files location.

XBT Client 0.0.4
Added option to hide tray icon.
Fixed bug that caused the Incompletes directory not to be created.
Fixed bug that caused HTTP output error on 'bad' trackers.