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BT++ 0.5.4 (alpha)

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BT++ (Btplusplus) downloaden BTpp-0.5.4-bin.exe

BT++ 0.5.1 (alpha)
- Updated to wxPython (false/true deprecated).
- Updated to BT 3.2 (some Loader changes + core).
- Implemented seed number control.
- Fixed: If last torrent completed it wasn't removed from list
- Added shell command to
- Fixed pause.
- Fixed cancel.
- Fixed pause while hashing.
- Fixed little bug in 'Add Torrent'.
- Fixed problem with spaces in 'Add Torrent'.
- Improved downloading code for 'Add Torrent'.
- Abstraction of seed management.
- Global upload limit fixed.
- Fixed bug in lock/unlock.
- Added clear button to the log tab.
- Fixed stupid logging bug.
- Added colors to the log.

BT++ 0.5.0 (alpha)
- Fixed bug when downloading multi-file torrents.
- Now uses a toolbar for switching between tabs;
no notebook anymore
- The whole window is now resizable.
- Nice icons for the tabs.
- Help button within the toolbar.
- Images and icons are embedded in the distribution
- Improved about dialog. Now with more text and nice
- Vastly improved grid, especially the look;
highlighted rows, progress bar, no more flickering.
- Fixed flaw in the Add Torrent dialog.
- Tasbbar icon now shows the number of open connections.
- Nice images for the toolbar.
- Grid is now handmade completly in Python to reduce
- Added a history tab that shows all finished downloads.

BT++ 0.4.0 (alpha)
- associate BT++ with .torrent files
- new preference options
- improvements of the tray icon
- refreshing of torrent folder
- added incoming and history folder
- about dialog
- new, much better looking icons
- context-sensitive help
- configurable background hashing
- improved handling of not valid/damaged torrents
- grid right click menu improvements
- add torrent from url / local file
- global upload rate restriction settings
- extremly simple progress bars
- many, many bugfixes