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BT++ 0.5.4 (alpha)

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BT++ (Btplusplus) downloaden BTpp-0.5.4-bin.exe

BT++ 0.5.4 (alpha)
- Fixed: Files didn't get moved after download finished.

BT++ 0.5.3 (alpha)
- Fixed: Downloads wouldn't continue uploading after finishing download.
- Fixed: BT++.exe would sometimes not terminate correctly, leaving a running instance but no GUI behind.
- Started modifying/reworking the whole logging system. It is work in progress... but working.

BT++ 0.5.2 (alpha)
- Added strict hashing config option.
- Fixed upload limit updating (after pref change).
- Fixed core bug.
- Modified 'AddTorrent' downloading.
- History shows uploaded (transfered) MB.
- Fixed bug in right-click-menu of the history tab.
- Corrected some of the grid info display.