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BT++ 0.5.4 (alpha)

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BT++ (Btplusplus) downloaden BTpp-0.5.4-bin.exe

BT++ 0.3.0 (alpha)
- now uses a grid instead of a tree for transfers
- many cosmetic changes and improvements
- file priority
- some major rewrites and code cleanups
- new important features, like up/down speed coming soon
(fundation has been set through rewrites)
- some fixes, but rewrite will surely have introduced new bugs

BT++ 0.2.1 (alpha)
- bugfix for torrents containing multiple files
- validator for the preference window
- log window now read only

BT++ 0.2.0 (alpha)
- Linux compatibility
- Added: Preference dialog.
- Added: Class for reading and wiriting to the config file.
- Buttons for preference window, collaps/expand all.
- Respect preferences from config file when starting download
- Fixes for some bugs introduced with the latest features.
- Cosmetic changes.
- Tree: Right click menu implemented(only pause/resume).
- Colors in log window(not yet used).