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Burst! v3.1.0b

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Burst! v3.1.0b
- fixed errors not being cleared correctly sometimes
- changed "Unlimited" to "Unltd" to prevent filling up line
- added option to generate BT3.4.2 mainline peerids (for trackers that require it)

Burst! v3.0.6
1) Transfer Profiles - All upload-rated settings have been moved from the main GUI to a new Profile editor. You can now group settings together, and give them descriptive names.

2) Multi-core - Multiple versions of the download core can now be used with 1 GUI.. v3.0.6 comes with 2 GUIs, one that"s best for downloading, and another for superseeding.

3) Bugfixes - The most annoying things have been fixed: you no longer need to press Q to close transfers, when you resume a file it will not say it"s done prematurely and the time remaining will be more accurate, clicking on the tray icon will bring the window to foreground, and LOTS more.

4) Queue System & Auto-Complete - The queue system actually works now. It is enabled in the settings, along with a setting for how many transfers to allow. The meaning of this setting is influenced by the related settings for auto-closing completed files. You can specify a ratio, such as 1:1, at which seeds will be automatically completed and the next file in queue will be started. If you choose not to use auto-complete, the next file in queue will start as soon as any of your transfers complete (and will remain seeding indefinitely).

5) Clearer messages and tooltips - I"ve gone through and rewritten all the tooltips in english. (If I missed some, let me know). All messageboxes now have nice icons.

Burst! v1.0b
- Now based on official BitTorrent 3.4.2 CVS
- Stripped of all debug code to consume less CPU and memory
- Consumes less tracker resources (on trackers that support it)
- *** Statistics, multi-tracker, super-seeder are all not supported by this core, so they
have been removed ***
- Transient errors are now timestamped, still auto-cleared every 2 minutes
- Improved status and activity messages
- Fixed closing on fatal error (such as running out of disk space), will now pause
- The "--max_connections" parameter has been renamed "--max_allow_in" and is now defaulted
at 120, reduce this if you have problems.